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11:13 P.M.

They were chasing me... never stopping... never resting, through all the sidestreets and allyways they followed me with their hooting and screaming echoing off the silence. My wings were broken and limp as I dodge into an ally as another group crawls out of the woodwork... all carrying weapons, some were just boards... others had machetes and guns... and they were all after me as I run for my life. I make a wrong turn and find myself at a group of the psychos who were rushing after me. I turn and start running the other way. A psycho, one of the smart ones, tries to bar my way. I slash at him with my claws and slit his throat as I rush by. He goes down behind the lines of the oncoming horde. My breathing was heavy and unsteady as I head out onto the mainstreet. Abandoned cars litter the street, some were smashed, others burning, some had corpses of drakes or humans in them. A molotov cocktail flings past me and into the building infront of me, bursting flame across the door. F***! I change direction over to the right and step jump off an military humvee and change direction again to the left, heading toward an sidestreet. Flames littered shops and various blockades as I make a dash for it. I look behind me and see that the horde had gotten closer!  I round the corner and see that one of the bas****s had manned a 50. cal machinegun and was aimed right at me. I didn't have time to yell as the bullets shredded me to pieces.


I leap up and out of bed, breathing heavy. I was shaking badly...
-F***! That was some godd*** nightmare!- He sounded as shaken as I was.
I hadn't had a nightmare as vivid or coherent as that since I was six! Jesus! I let my breathing slow and return to normal... it takes two full minutes. I close my eyes and focus my hearing. My mom's normally deep sleep seems to have become deeper as I could only hear her slow breathing from her room. I hear movement outside... Dad was an even lighter sleeper than I was. I shake off the chill that coursed it's way through my nerves and spine as I head downstairs... I was too wired and shaken to try going back to sleep.
I look outside and see my dad staring in from the window... I sigh and head out back.

"So what was it?" My dad asks as I step outside.

"A nightmare, what else?" He lets a slow breath out through his nostrils and settles his head down.

"Try not to scream next time alright?"

"Sure." I say with common dismissal as I head back in.
I raid the fridge and grab a can of Dr. pepper along with a pack of those lil' smokies sausages and throw the pack into the microwave. I down half the soda to recover from my sleep dehydration and wait for the lil' sauseges to finish, which took a simple 30 seconds.

I pull out the pack and impale one of the tasty things on a claw and toss it into my maw. These things are something that I would always snack on relentlessly so they tended to not be bought often... but when they are... it's on. I devour the rest of the sausages in under a minute, I throw the empty bag away along with the now drained can and think on what to do.

"What to do... what to do..."

-Oooooh, how about you go out on a stroll in the now dangerous streets!- He says it all sarcasticly, but...

-You know that's a good suggestion...-

-Wait, you know I was kidding... right?-

"Too bad. I think it's a good idea." I say as I walk back up to my room and grab my phone. He was silent as I climb out the window and drop to the ground below in a crouch.

-Now we'll have to get past our dad to get back in...good job.- I don't answer him as I start walking down the street. Houses pass for about a quarter mile and I soon start seeing the outskirts of the city, it was too quiet and there wasn't a car in sight on the road. I look to my left and see a park come along, it bordered the small time shops and such and it was actually a nice place, alot of it was trees and individual paths radiating out from a central wheel where a fountain and various chairs and tables sat. I shrug and walk across the street and enter the park.

-We should be flying! Not walking around on the ground like a deer!- his outburst jumped me out of my peace... but I had it covered.

-If we were flying, any trigger-happy redneck or crazy could see us and then what? We could easily get shot out of the sky. So think flying at night is a good idea still?-

-Point made... still it wouldn't hurt to... Wait! Someones coming!-

I hear the voices and see the beams of flashlights as they start to round the corner, panic hits and I duck into the foilage to my right and crouch down a few feet from the edge I open my wings and let them lie flat... if they spotted me I would rush and take them both out at once... well, I am stupid.

-Why the hell did you panic? For all you know it's someone out on a midnight stroll like me.-

-HA! the only people out here at night would be the pedo bear, slendy, mass murderers, and drunk hobos.-

-So what the hell am I?- I say in a really pissed off tone.

I hear him chuckle lightly before answering -Slendy, definitely slendy.- Well he's a dick.
The voices get close enough to hear clearly...

"Where's that da** b****?" The guy I label as one says with a voice full of venom and hate.

I label the second one as two as he starts speaking in a voice I didn't want to hear "I d...d..d..d...d don't care! I want her blood! Come out little draggie, I just want to plaaaaayyyyy."

-Figures don't it? Every time you go out you run into these freaks.-

I hear what sounded like a backhand from One to Two.

"Shut it you cretin! I'll make you my next meal if you don't quiet the f*** up! It's your fault that we lost the first meal... two at once! it must have been so..." He drifts off as they continued. They enter my line of sight and I could see them, One was a big guy who looked like he beat the hell out of people for a living, scars covered his face and his body was huge in muscles, he had on a pair of jeans and a black sleeveless and his hair was black and cropped.  He had a U.S.M.C tattoo across his bicep that was equally scarred and a m9 barretta in his hand. I was wondering how he was so sane sounding but that question was forgotten when I look at Two, guy looked like an insane asylum escapee. He had what was once white clothes on but was now brown... and red with grime, his hair was a tangled mess of red, curly hair. He was excessively skinny, but I could see the lithe muscles underneath. What drew my attention was the machete in his hand... it was bloody beyond reason. The duo kept looking as they went along, a beam from One's flashlight stopped about a foot away from me and I tense, ready to attack if he saw me... but he doesn't somehow and they keep walking until they were out of sight. I wait for a few seconds before starting to get up... and something grabs on to my arm! I turn with my claws raised to strike, but I stop when I see a cobalt blue dragoness holding onto my arm... fear was evident in her eyes. She had three horns that ran low across her head that were white in color, her ears where pointed and her eyes were a golden color along with her scute... oh sh**. She had a bullet hole in her shoulder and several bleeding cuts on her body, away from the scutes to maximize damage along with splatters of blood here and there.

"Sh**, are you the one they're after?"

"Yeah." Her voice was distant, and scared.

"Is there anyone else with you that's around?" Wrong question to ask...
She looks at me with a stare that could end the cold war. "Not anymore." I know what must have happened... those bas****s.

-Forget that she's bleeding and probably left a blood trail?-

Oh crap "Blood trail..." She knows what I mean and her eyes get an even more afraid look in them.

I flip my phone out, unlock it and hand it to her "Think you can dial 911 without bleeding out?" She nods and I stand and strech.

"Where are you going?"

"To lay some payback down on those sons a bi****, if I don't come back... run."

I step out onto the path as Zael says in perfect mimic of the Joker -And here, we, go!-
Their backs were turned to me as Two was crouched down over a trail of blood that crossed the trail, I see him take a taste of it and shudder like he just had a hit of cocane.
I didn't give him a chance to say anything as I started sprinting towards them I close the distance fast as One realised they were being rushed. I slide and grab his wrist as he tried to bring the gun to bear, I diliver a palm to his elbow that shattered it and he drops the gun and roars in pain, I backhand him and he rolls away as Two gets up and tries to get a good swing in with the machete, I dodge to the left and drive a round house to his face, the talons rip several gashes across his face as he stumbles back. I don't give him time to recover and wrap both hands around his head and slam it down on my knee as I brought it up, I let my grip slip as the knee connected, his nose broke and his head snaps up and slams into the tree behind him, where he slides to the ground. I feel something connect with the back of my head and I see stars and blackness for a second as I land on the ground. I roll as a branch slams down where my head used to be, One tosses the branch away and rushes me... right before I could get up all the way he slams a haymaker with his good arm right into the side of my face, I fly back and land on the ground with a crunch. Red fills my vision as I hear Zael say...

-He done f***ed up now... he's gonna die, LET'S DO THIS!-

I hop up and rush him faster than he could even get back to moving, I drive a hard knee into his gut and clench my fist and slam it down on the back of his skull, He collapses to the ground and I stomp on his broken elbow. He screams and I stomp on it again, and again, and again until it felt like there was only fragments left... and that's when I realize I wasn't in control. "I" walk over grab him by his leg, and throw him into a tree which shattered the bark, then "I" walk over and roll him over onto his back with my foot before curb-stomping his throat. "I" watch as he begins choking on his own blood and dies, his eyes fixed with that rage that has been seen in everyone who has tried to kill me. The red that hovered on the edge of my vision dissapeared and...

"So this is what it's like to finaly be in control." Zael said...SAID!

-THE F***! What in the hell! NO!-

-Haha yes! I told you I would get the driver's keys when you go beserk. Now you get to see what it's like to be bodyless!-

I try and push out with my mind to get back control... only to find that our positions in my mind have been switched and even with all my mental strength it was like trying to topple a mountain, I keep trying until he makes some kind of mental vise and starts to put pressure down on me... it hurt almost like a headache, only ten times worse... and worsening. He keeps putting on more pressure until I thought I would go insane and then he releases the pressure.

-Will you behave now?- He thought it way to calmly.

-F*** you, I want my body back!-

-Too bad. Learn some respect for me first.- I wanted to scream at him.

"Look who's still kickin'..." He turns and looks at Two who was getting back up.

"You are now dead!" He was up in front of Two in under a second! He puts one had behind his neck and slams his palm upward into his chin, I hear his neck snap and he lets the body crumple.

"Always wanted to do that..."

He walks back to the dragoness who didn't see the fight.

"Are they...?"

"Yep, they are dead. Did you get 911?"

"No..." She says after a a short breath comes out and alot of the tension dissapates from her " The line was busy, every time." The hospital was deep in the city, where even flying it would take an hour at least... Zael seemed to think the same thing.
Zael sighs before saying "How far is your place from here?"

"Maybe... about a half hour flight?" She extends her wings and I see three bullet holes through the right wing, all had blood trailing from them.

(D***, wing injuries are bad... she'll need help sooner than that, if we can get her to my house we can...) I just realized that I had read his thoughts! Guess there are some perks.

"My house is a little over a quarter mile from here... you need medical help quicker than a half hour, 'specialy with holes in your wings. Think you can fly?"

"I don't know... I haven't tried since they shot us down..." I could see bad memories going through her head, what are the odds of what happened to her happening to someone else? I don't know but it still sucked beyond reason... I wonder who she lost, but I wasn't going to tell Zael to ask.

"Well you should try now." (She better be able to... S***!)

I third assailant jumps out of the trees rushing us like a bat outta hell. Zael swiftly and mercilessely deals with this problem by breathing white-hot flame, two seconds later a black, charred corpse lands in front of him.

"These guys are like roaches, stomp on one a dozen appear. I think we should get out of here before the rest show up."
She nods and he takes flight... a lot faster and better than I ever did, WTH?

-Now seriously, your not my base instincts taking control?

-Just cause I can fly better than you doesn...-

He looks and notices the dragoness had managed to gain lift and was flying up to him.

"IF YOUR GOING TO FALL TELL ME BEFORE OKAY?" He yells down to her as he takes off towards our house.

(Wonder if... no, couldn't be.)

-I can read your thoughts now you know...-

-D***! Mind not doing it? Pun not intended.-

-Ha! Too bad... cause it's involuntary, and you should've known this.-

(Great... now he can read my mind and I can't do it to his.)
We make it home without the dragoness falling, but she faltered alot, probably because with each flap of her wings the gunshot wound would've made itself known. We land in the front yard and...

-You realize we propped the door right?-

-Shut it.- Heh who's annoying now punk.

She lands beside him and heads towards the door.

"Wait! Follow me..." She turns with an eye ridge raised but doesn't say anything and follows him around back and they enter through the fence cleared by dads tail. She stops and gasps at dad... guess that she didn't expect to see one that big sitting in his backyard, he was asleep, which was good because...



She steps on a dry patch of leaves and Dad gets up and whirls towards us in under a second, ready to maul whoever was sneaking up on him. His claws stop inches away from us.

"What the... Shane, what the hell is this?"

"I found her while I was out walking... she's been attacked by what you would dub "Psychos" and the people she was with were killed... she nededs the wounds tended to dad, can we get by so that she doesn't bleed to death?

The bluntness knocked him off guard and almost on his a** "Okay..." he seemed a little unconfortable but he stepped aside.

We go inside and I grab the med-kit out of the canvas bag and flick the light on.

"That was your dad?" The question just popped out from her.

"Yeah..." Zael said nervously "He's pretty big isn't he?"

-You need to get mom for fixing her wings Zael. We don't know what to do there.-

-Neither does she!-

-But she has far more medical experiance than you so quit b****ing and go wake her up.-

"Hold on a sec." he says as he rushes up to wake mom.

Knock, Knock

He hits the door hard... hard enough to wake a bear from hibernation.
He focuses and I can hear mom shift and get up.

"What is it?" mom says in a sleepy tone as she opens the door.

"Somone downstairs is hurt and needs stitches... and more." That snapped her out of the sleep haze and she opens the door and follows Zael downstairs. She stops when she gets a good look at the dragoness.

"Care to fill me in..."

"Jessica." So that was her name...

(Great... didn't ask her for her name...)

-Am I detecting...-

-Quiet, before I use the vise again.- That shut me up.

"Well Jessica, do you want to tell me what happened or do you want to keep it to yourself?" Mom said as she pulled some large bandages out of the med-kit.
She looks down "I don't want to tell you it's... brutal."


"Mom, you should start with the wings, they have a greater concentration of blood vessels in them." She glances in Zael's direction before asking...

"What are you doing?" Zael was taking the surture kit out of the box.

"What? She needs stitches."

"Your not going to be the one doing them."  She had only patched one of the wing's holes and was working on the second.

"Mom, you've patched me up enough times to know that I know how to stitch wounds, I take health class and I study stuff on the internet... besides one day I might have to be the one fixing YOU up." He's playing them like puppets... why?

(Good thing I actually know how to stitch people up. Wonder if mom would actually let me?)

"Tell me how to stitch and then i'll see if you can or not." She didn't believe him. But suprisingly he told her how to surture flawlessly, They make eye contact and she sees something in Zael's eyes.

"Shane... are you alright?" I feel Zael get really nervous at this... and then I realize that he just wanted to have a body that he could move and feel in, he was scared that they would find out and force him back into the spot I was in.

(S***! What do I say? What do I say?)

-Tell them you got clubbed in the back of the head by one of the psychos and you've got a bad headache.-

"Ummm... well, one of the people who attacked her managed to umm hit me in the back of the head with a branch and ever since then I've had this bad headache." It was the truth and nothing less, exactly what was needed... my mom used that little trick of looking at someone's eyes when they reply to see if they were lying, If they moved anywhere but up when they answer they were lying.

She staes a few more seconds before the questioning look in her eyes goes away, "You might have a concussion then and might need to.."  At that moment Jessica sways and almost falls over. Mom rushes her over to a chair that she had pulled away from the table.

"Shane! You get to stitching now while I deal with the wings. We need to deal with that gunshot wound too.

-Gunshot first, the others aren't bleeding as much.-

-Why are you helping me? I did nothing but be an a** to you.-

-You saved my life and gave me info... besides, I can see why you wanted control... and in a way, your just like me only more... violent.-

His mental silence was almost expected... but then he said...

"We need to do the gunshot first." Mom nods and says...

"Grab the forceps out of the box along with the bottle of painkillers and those..."

"Got em'" He pulled out everything needed and hands them to my mom. She takes the painkillers and pops one pill out, thinks twice about it and adds another one to the ones in her hand.

"Take these." She orders Jessica and she dry swallows the pills. Mom moves all of the bags off the counter and tells her to lay down, She does and mom tells Zael to hold her down.

"This is going to hurt okay?" Mom says to Jessica

"You think I don't know that?"  Is what she replies with... on a unrelated note Zael was uncomfortable as hell holding her down, I would be too but still.
She gets to work removing the bullet and Jessica starts bucking and squirming but Zael manages to keep her still enough for mom to get the bullet out... Jessica lets loose a roar as the bullet is ripped free of the wound...

"Keep her held down!" Hard thing to do... But Zael pushes her back down and holds her still while mom patches the hole. We let her up once the wound is sealed and mom gets to stitching. Zael would've jumped in with the stitching, but he noticed that some of the less severe cuts had stopped bleeding and he thought that she should be okay. Now that most of the wounds were fixed both of us were able to take in the details that we had missed from the park, She had on black track pants with a gold stripe running down the side... she might of had a shirt on, but it was probably cut off during the attack. She had two tails, both had a scythe like blade on the top, the left blade was red with blood. Her wings had a grey colored membrane and the last little detail was the spikes that ran between her shoulderblades and stopped halfway down her tail and they were black in color like her claws and talons and also about an inch long.

As mom was putting the rest of the stuff away Jessica's phone starts playing "Diamond eyes" by shinedown and she gets a wide-eyed look and rips it out of her pants She opens it and looks at a text message before she smiles and a tear falls out of her eye.

"What is it?" Zael said with concern in his voice.

"My... my brothers alive! He just sent me a text asking where I was."

"I thought there was only three of you?"

"No..." She says as she recalls what happened "My brother was leading me and my parents out of the city, a net shot out of the park and got my brother... the last i saw of him he was crashing into the trees. Then the shots came, Mom was hit first... she was hit in the head and she died..." She pauses as the emotional impact of seeing her die runs it's course again... Looks like she's going to tell the story anyway.

(Everything bad always seems to happen to everyone else...)

-Bulls***, we were attacked three times.-

"Then my wings got those three holes in them, I jerked and started falling. As I fell dad dived after me and managed to catch me before we crash landed in the center... that's when things went streight to hell. There must have been at least twenty that came from everywhere, bushes, trees, paths... they all surrounded us and start closing in."
She pauses and says "What's your address?" Mom tells her and she types and sends off a text.

"But... just as they start rushing my dad he... he picked me up, and tossed me over them all yelling after me to run... and I did, I did and I never even looked back to see if he got past them..." She choked up on this... I guess she thought of it as cowardice but it wasn't... both me and Zael seemed to think the same thing, that it would have been suicide to stop and look because they were probably right on her paws trying to kill her.
"I keep running until I end up in front of five of these... these..."

"Psychos?" Zael suggests helpfully

"Whatever... I end up in front of five of them who were blocking the way forward, I try and fight them... thought my training in Judo would help, but it didn't and I stumble away into the trees with three of them dead and the other two hunting me."

(Those two were the ones i killed... they derserved it.)

-Are you trying to justify killing them already?-

-They were trying to kill me and Jessica, besides leaving them alive would have made problems for some other dragon in the future.-

-You didn't need to say that, I already agree with them being dead.-

-Really? I thought you would be one of those who freaks out after finding out they killed somone.-

-Where did you originate from?-

-Your mind but...-

-But exactly! Most of your personality is the same as mine, we may differ in points of view but were still almost the same person.-


Jess ends her story as dad says through the kitchen window.

"We've got incoming."

"What's incoming?" Zael says out the window

"Dragon, low and fast... he'll reach the house in less than a minute."

"Must be Jessicas brother." mom says as Bullet walks into the kitchen... apparently Jessica has never seen a draconic dog before and stares in wonder until we hear the beat of wings. Jessica heads into the living room along with Zael and then her brother bashes through the front door. the chair that had been braced against it goes flying and smashes into pieces against the wall.

"JESSSSSSSS!" He says as he stepped into the room... Un-freaking-believable!

"Marcus!?" Both Zael and Jessica say at the same time, Jessica runs up to her brother and hugs him tight.

"I thought you were gone Marc!"

"Sssso did I sssiss, I thought you were gone too..."
He stops hugging and steps around her...

"Sssshane! I didn't think I'd sssee you here... So you patched my sssiss up for me?"

"Mostly the work of my mom but yeah... I didn't know you had family here."

"Becaussse I didn't tell you." Zael does a once over and we see that there was a lot of cuts on him but most were small compared to his sister's gashes.
Mom walks in with bullet and draws the attention of Marcus...

"I didn't know it worked on animalssss."

"Neither did we."

He goes over and lays down by the recliner, laying his arm across the armrest.

"Do you guysss have anything to drink?"

Zael replies first "Anyone object to Dr. Pepper?"

Marcus raises his arm "Yeah, get me ssssome water or ssssomething around those linesss."
Zael walks back into the kitchen and grabs a jug of water, the last code red and two Dr. peppers. He held the jug in his tail as he walked back into the living room. Jessica had sat in the recliner next to Marcus and my mom was on the couch with Bullet. Zael handed the jug to Marcus and the Dr.peppers to my mom and Jessica before popping the top on his and downing the entire can.

"So..." Dad calls in through the window "What happened with your time in the park Marcus?"

"After being taken out with a net? I fell through the treessss until I got caught in one of the branchesss, the net breakssss and i fall to the ground." He takes a long drink from the jug and continues...

"The moment i get up five idiotsss charge me along with one guy i think isss the leader of their whole group who stands back. I incerate the f***erssss with a blassst of flame and the leader walksss toward me talking like ssssome kinda preissst, about how he would love tearing me apart and sssh**... and then eating what wasss left. The crazy came at me with a chainsssaw! But these beutesss were fassster." He waves his tail, there was blood covering the spikes at the end.

"Afterward i head around and sssee what happened... I'm not going to talk about that, but i go to the edge of the park and text you sssiss. The rest you can guessss."

(Could that group follow us home? No, humans aren't that good at tracking.)

-Maybe you should ask them what they are going to do now instead of sitting in silence, thinking on wether or not they can follow us... it won't matter come daylight.-
He does and they look at each other before Marcus says...

"Well, we can't go back to our houssse... not if we want to risk being ssshot again. Mind if we sssstay here for the night?"

"You can stay here. Shane, could you go grab some blankets from the basement?" Mom says. I hated knowing that it wasn't actually me but I guess I had to deal with it.

"Sure." Zael answers and heads to the stairs, he looks and tries to shut the door.

(Da**it! Won't stay shut!)

-Just leave it open.-

-No, somone could just walk into...-

-Alright! Just take the door and shoulder bash it.-

He does and the door stays shut for some reason. He heads down into the dark basement... when he reaches the bottom of the stairs be flicks the light switch and we hear the two fluroecent lights hum on. Most of the place was empty except for the locked supply cabnets and the tables to the right of them in the far right corner, he heads over and takes two... rethinks about it and grabs a third one for Marcus. But then he stops and...

-Alright... so you want your body back right?-

-Well, umm yeah... I don't like it here but I know how you feel about being in here.-

-How about a deal then?-

-What deal?-

-You know how i said that the only way for me to take control was for you to be berserk?-


-Well there's another way, if you allow me to switch with you... it takes both of us trying to swap at once but it can allow us to swap at will... and give me a bit more freedom.-

-I thought you wouldn't relinquish control?-

-Oh I won't... unless you agree to swap with me when i want.-

-What makes you think i'd hold up to it?-

-Because i know you... you don't make promises lightly and you always hold up to them and pay your debts, and because if you don't the next time i get control i'll make sure you suffer and NEVER get your body back.- D*** he knew me... and there was the fact that he could ask anytime.

-Are you going to be a dick and ask to swap every five minutes?-

-No, why would i do that?-

-You know what... nevermind. My part of the deal, we get to swap but when I say I want control you give it to me also.-

-Does synergy even exist anymore? Alright... but if you default, i'll be waiting...-
I feel his mind try to swap with mine and I try and switch and then there was the feeling of being in a car that just slammed on it's brakes going 60 MPH.

"Ugghhh" Probably what you'd feel like if you had most of your body's sensory info hit you at once plus a bad headache... guess he really did have one.

-You should get going before they think somethings up.- I  turn off the lights and head upstairs with the blankets, they notice me as soon as I step out.

"Took you a bit..." dad says through the window.

"Sorry headache and all." My mom remembers something.

She heads into the kitchen and grabs a flashlight out of one of the packs... where did that come from?

"Shane you might have a concussion so stay still." She shines the light in my eyes and I try not to blink. a few seconds later she stops and eyes told me that I didn't have some concussion.

"Alright... you seem to be okay, not sure but having a pupil like yours makes it hard to judge."

I hand the blankets to Marcus and he hands one to his sister.

"Thanksss." They both look tired and sad, losing your parents would do that to about anybody... speaking of which I don't know how Kate's doing, but that can wait 'till morning 'cause this headache is killing me. I enter the bathroom as Jess and her brother lay down, Jess was on the couch and Bullet was sleeping on the floor next to marcus... I search the medicine cabnet and find some ibuprofen and take some to get rid of this d*** headache. I hear my mom go past and enter her room, I exit and head into mine...

"Goodnight..." I mutter to no one in particular, but Zael takes it as addressed to him.

-Why thank you... night then, cause tomarrow is going to be a busy day.- I felt like correcting him since it was after midnight, but It wasn't really a big deal.

-Okay today's going to be a busy day...- Great, he can read my mind again. I fall into bed with my wings hanging off the edge and let sleep overtake me.
By far the fastest I've ever done a chapter, started friday and finished the next day. I'm not sure if this is ready but oh well.

I warned you about the violence/gore didn't I? This will be nothing compared to the finale so beware!

Who knew Marcus had a sis? I didn't. Medical expertise is handy is it not? Also a noticable differance in certain infected... got bored sunday and wrote a classification report, but I'm not going to post till after series ends as it contains spoilers
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Darkdrake0 Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, did draw upon their mindset some, they make great crazy people models. Also congradulations, you are the first to point that out.
aleerty Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013
i kind still play the first game so yeah... i also have the sequal but its on xbox 360
Darkdrake0 Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I've got the GOTY edition of the first game, which happens to be extremely fun, though I did wish I had the sequal.
aleerty Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2013
well i dont want to spoil it but i can tell you that it is really fun
Shadowhawk1997 Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I like the slenderman reference. Slendy is Awesome and not really scary. Hes a really lanky and tall white dude with no face that stalks you
drago367 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
that's just great psycho people who what to drink there blood i would love to live there as a dragon! ^.=.^
Darkdrake0 Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
it definetely would be action-packed, and not boring ^.=.^
drago367 Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
RuCarNutz Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Psycho, murderous, ruthless humanoid zombies... What can possibly go wrong? Sweet chapter, cant wait to see where all this leads... ^^
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