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-Sunday, febuary 2nd, 1:03 A.M.



I jerk awake at the sound, which was bad because my hind-spikes ended up tearing into the armrest. I pull them out, noting someone had put a blanket over me. I make a mental note to thank who did it later... as for now I tried to figure out what caused that sound.


There it is again! I pinpoint it as the back door. My parent's always lock both front and back doors before going to bed... so it had to be someone breaking in! Well, they had a nasty suprise coming, I slip carefully out from under the blanket and off the couch, barely making a sound. It was dark... I figure my vision had improved otherwise It would have been pitch black to me, (That's why I have a mental map of the house) right now i could just make out the outlines of everything which left me to use my mental map to guide me over to the front door and the light switch. Keeping low I make my way to the panel, keeping an ear out for the intruder... and he made it easy, his footsteps weren't the slow, soft footsteps of a thief, but more if you were drunk and trying to sneak. The second thing I was hearing was his breathing, it was heavy, more like panting than breathing...weird, I reach the light switch and keeping to a crouch, turn around and scan for their outline. I spot it immediately over by the edge of the wall, making its way towards the couch. Whoever they are stop when they get inbetween the couch and coffee table and mutter something so low I could only make out a B from it, I figure now is a good time to "Suprise" the person so I stand up and flick the light on... and stare at the horrendous visage in front of me.

He stared at me like a deer caught in the headlights while I stared back like I had just seen Hellraiser for the first time. Imagine a meth addict, now combine that with a homeless person and a linebacker... What you get is this guy, short, greasy hair, his clothes had random rips in them and were dirty, Cuts lined his arms in rows, most of which were still bleeding... oh, and he had some brass knuckles in his left hand and a bloody k-bar in the other. He gets a sadistic smile on his face, which i note his pupils had dialated to the point of the iris being nonexistant.

He twitches several times and starts to speak. "Come here little draggie, I just want your blooood..." he takes a step forward... I had serious doubts this guy was sane.

"The hell! Your not getting my blood you ****** psycho!"

He starts twitching and shaking uncontrollably, "No... blood,want blood...blood blood blood blood I WILL HAVE YOUR BLOOD!" He laughs like the devil and bull-rushes me with the knife.

"Ahaha, more, more blood for me!" Is what he yells as he tries to drive the blade into my neck but I raise my arm and block it inches from a possible death-blow. He was giving his all, and he was strong... but I was stronger, especially with adrenaline kicking in. I let out a roar as I shove his arm away, rear back, and deliver a heavy kick to his chest. The blow cracked a rib and sent him flying across the room where he crashes into the wall.
I hear my parents bedroom door open and my dad calls out "Shane whats going on?!"

"CALL THE COPS AND LOCK YOUR DOOR! I yell up to them, I turn back to see that the guy had dissapeared.

"What the-" A demonic yell comes from my right as the psycho came at me from the kitchen. He charged too fast for me to block, but he made the mistake of trying to stab me in the heart.... where my ultra-hard plates were.


We both look down to see that his k-bar had broken of at the hilt, and there was not a scratch were the blade had hit. I take this oppurtunity to palm him in the chest and sent him falling backward. He starts getting back up and I charge, grab him by the throat, turn, and slam him into the wall and hold him there. I had a hold of his arm with the brass knuckles pinned and I had lifted him off the ground, I figure this guy's better off KO and so I pull him back and slam him against the wall...hard. He doesn't even blink, in fact, he was literaly foaming at the mouth! What the **** is he on? I rear him back to slam him again, but he had somehow gotten the brass knuckles into his other hand... which slammed across my muzzle. My head snaps to the side as it ground across my snout and edged off, several scales had been ripped off and I felt something warm trickle out of my nose...Then i feel a switch in my head flip.

The pain goes away as I slowly look back at the guy, blackness edged my vision as blood started rushing in my ears... he just went to the top of my "to kill" list. I roar into his face, drop him, and before he could recover grab him by the face and slam him full force into the wall, the stud behind the wall broke from the force as psycho went limp... but I wasn't done, still holding him by the skull I deliver a high knee into his chest and feel a rib break, then I grab him by his belt and throw him into the kitchen where he bashed into the counter and went still. I walk over and pick him up by the throat again... he was still alive, barely. I wanted to rip his head off MK style, but for some reason I ended up in an argument with myself over it.
-We should finish this ******* while we can!-

-No, I want to find out what the hell he is on first!-

-That can be found out AFTER he's dead, besides who gives a **** about what he's on! He just broke our ******* nose! I'll make him pay for that!-

-You already did! your not going to make anything easier by taking him out now. And besides that whatever he is on could end up causing more problems for us!-

-To hell with what yo- RAAAGH!-

I drown out my own voice in my head and force myself to calm down. I let psycho fall to floor as I start taking deep breaths. Slowly my vision went back to normal as well as my hearing, than the pain came rushing back. I groan as I head over to the sink and run cold water over my snout. Dad came bursting in with the sig p250...why is it that help shows up AFTER the fight is over?

"Shane! You alright?" and another thing, why is it that they ask that when your're clearly not alright?

"I just got punched in the face with brass knuckles, what do you think?" I say as I grab duct tape out of the cabnet under the sink.

"Ow, must hurt like a **** then." Dad kept the gun pointed at psycho the whole time I was tying him up... with an exrtra round around the mouth to keep him shut up if he woke up again. I tell dad how our fight went, minus the little mental split, and wash the rest of the blood off and out of my nose as it healed. Mom comes down and I keep an eye on Psycho... name seems to stick to this guy, anyway I watch him while dad relays the events of the last few minutes. Mom was about to say something when the cops start bangin' on the door.

"Mom could you get that? Also could you please tell them not to shoot me? Main concerns aside... I just wanted to get this over with and go back to sleep. I get an idea and start searching for a wallet, I find it and open it up to see a couple twentys and an id... since dad had went with mom nobody was around to see me take the money as payment for my nose and place the wallet back.

A cop, late-30s walked into the kitchen, he just looked at me for a second, dismissed me and walked over to psycho.

"This him?"

"Yeah, guy's insane, or high, or both." He starts asking me questions, i answer them, and he calls his buddy in... apparently he hadn't seen the news... or the dragons in the sky... or anywhere else.

"So what have w- what the hell!?" a cop around his mid-twentys whips out a gun and aims it at me, I sigh at this because I sadly expected this to happen. Cop 1 walks in front of the guns path...

Cop #2 "What the hell Ray? Can't you see that... that thing behind you!?"

Me "I resent being called a thing, ya know."

Cop#1(Ray) "What the hell is wrong with you!? Did you not see the reports? Did you not see them flying in the damn sky earlier today? If you whould keep your eyes open for more than one minute youd've seen what's been going on for the last day! So STAND DOWN!"
Ray tells the idiot to go back outside after he lowers his gun, then he turns to me.

"Sorry 'bout that, I honestly don't know how he got on the force, let alone be my partner."

"No problem, but could you do me a favor?"

"I'll try."

I point to psycho "Find out what the hell he is on, and tell me what it is when you do, cuz I haven't seen anything this f'ed up before."

"That's a tall order... but i'll see if i can't get some red tape cut on this one."

I help him lug the psycho into the back of the cruiser, and watch as they roll away. I start to walk back inside when I hear a sound come from over where Tyler's truck was parked... At first I think that there was another crazy around, but as I head closer I find out it was something small, I hear it move under the truck and crouch down to get a better look... it was a dog. The little black lab came out from under the truck and started sniffing my hand, I check and find out that she doesn't have any collar or tags... also she was small, didn't even reach the one-third mark of my shins. She lets out a happy bark and jumps into my arms... which caught me off guard because I expected that animals would be "cautious" around me now. She looks up at me with intelligent eyes as I take her inside.

I catch my parent's as they head up the stairs "Look who I found."

They look back and see her, dad just raises an eyebrow while mom looks over and gets a blast of the puppy eyes from the dog, dad says something first "Where did you find it?"

"Found her under Tyler's truck, can i keep?"

"Looks well cared for a stray." He was right, no real signs of hunger, her coat was even shiny. I set her down and she sets off on a dead run around the house, goes through the kitchen, into the living room and back around to the bottom of the stairs where she sat and gave my dad a dose of the infamous puppy eyes.

"I don't know..." She gets down on all fours and redoubled the cuteness assault... My god this dog was smart.

He sighs and gives in "Alright... but she's your problem now." She yips and climbs the stairs to my parent's feet, wagging her tail like mad. Mom picks her up and says...

"What do we name her?"

I remember her little sprint around the house "How's bout' Bullet?" Bullet yips at it and wags her tail madly. Mom puts her down and she runs down to me. I hear my parent's door close and was about to turn off the lights when I remember something, didn't Psycho get in through the back door? I head over and find it unlocked. How did he get in? I open the door and take a quick look around... and spot a pick and torque wrench laying at the foot of the door. These were basic lockpicking tools, and they were in bad shape from stress rather than repeated use. Since I already had a set like this I decide to grab them and throw them away. I lock the door behind me as i head into the kitchen and throw the tools away they clink as they hit the various soda cans I downed yesterday. Bullet follows me as i turn off the lights and head upstairs, I leave the door open as I enter and fall muzzle-first onto my bed. I drift into another dreamless sleep as bullet curled up behind my knee... I never had a thought to what tommarow would bring...
Attacked by a psycho, a dog, and a possible personality disorder? Eventfull night.

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ArykhDragon777 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Its like my Granddad always says, Can't have a transformation without a war of the mind. (Not really XD)
Darkdrake0 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
war of the mind... apperently tfs cause personality disorders Muahahaha... wait, i just... awwww Da**it. Least they can be solved(most of the time)
ArykhDragon777 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
*tsk* its those other times that ruin it for everyone...
Darkdrake0 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
yes it can, but it can also luckily ruin it for the idiot who caused them to lose control in the first place.
bunnyman14 Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I wonder when this, "fate worse than death," will come back to haunt us...
Darkdrake0 Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, you'll know in a couple chapters... AKA chapter 6
D-series Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2012
haha the plot's starting to unfold unfolding.
Alucard14333 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
this is intresting i cant wate to see how this unfolds
Shadowfaller Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Still interested. Curtanliy shaping up into quite a mistory. Asking myself a lot of questions. Most concerning, was it really a drug?
Darkdrake0 Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I can't say much due to spoilers but... When everything falls into place, you'll be suprised.
Shadowfaller Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I'll hold you to that.
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