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Tylers transformation continues as scales had started rippling across his skin as he fell on his side. The scales were thick, too big for a "normal" anthro dragon, his clothes had already started to rip and his shoes were already decimated. That's when something unexpected happened.

He stares at me from amber eyes flecked with gold near the pupil, which had begun to shift as his muscles started to grow... and his bones broke and reformed. His clothes shredded within seconds as his size doubled, and his body grew wings and a  tail. I look and see that his hands had lost their thumb and wicked looking claws grew from the rest of his fingers. It suddenly dawns on me what's happening... he's becoming a full dragon. Then I think "OH  **** he's becoming a full dragon!" I back away more as his tail finishes into a two tip style with a spike out of each end, and his body stops lenghtening and the muzzle finishes. I look back at his eye, it was tearing badly... and he now had a draconic pupil. With a final CRACK the bones finish the quadroped skeletal structure and he slumps and goes still.

At first I thought the transformation had killed him but then I see his chest rise and fall slowly. I walk around to the head and see that his eyes were closed, "not dead, just KO'ed" I thought. I figure it's a good time to measure and start from his tail and pace him out at around 19 feet long, and if his head size is anything to go by he was around 14 to 15 feet high. His first set of horns grew back and then curled into tusks, which were buried in the dirt. The second set of horns grew straight and true along his skull before ending at the neck. The ears were like mine, elongated and rotated to a 45 degree angle. A double row of spikes started on his spine right between the wings and went all the way down where they stopped at the beginning of his tail. The wing membrane was amber just like his new eyes.

I suddenly realize how I was when I had finished, tired, starving, and thirsty. "Oh this is going to turn up badly" I say as i run into the kitchen and open the pantry. After raiding it and finding 3 giant-sized cans of fruit, which were mandarin oranges, sliced pinapple, and pear halves... How does my dad get these things? I run outside hoping he was an omnivore like me. Finding him still out cold I saw the cans lids open with my claws and set them down. "Better wake him now rather than wait" I think while approaching his head. I would have just snapped my fingers near his ears but my claws got rid of that option, so I crouch near his ear and do the stupidest thing in my life... Shout WAKE UP into his ear.

His eye snaps open, staring right into mine... his were glassy, with an almost wild look in it, All i could think was "Uh oh" before...


He backhands me, sending me flying backwards across the ground, I end up rolling several times, feeling the bones in my wings pop with each revolution until i plant my claws in the dirt and skid the last few meters on my plates. I was really hurting from that, There was several cuts along my body from the roll but i was lucky that my wings weren't broke or torn, i try to get up and end up falling on one knee, i was still reeling from the hit. I hear a growl and look up to see tyler advancing towards me in predator stance, front half lowered almost to the ground with the other end tensed and ready. I think about my options... if i run for the house he'll pounce and tear me to shreds, if i charge he pounce and use his weight to crush me, if I stay where I was he might not jump, but could just slash at me with his claws... I was royally screwed.

He kept advancing... 5 meters... 3 meters... I knew I was gonna die. Suddenly he stops and starts sniffing the air, his head snaps to the opened cans of food... and suddenly i'm no longer there to him. He walks over to the cans and picks one up in his maw, downs the contents, drops the now empty can and does the same with the other two. He belched, which had more of an growl to it and shakes his head some before turning to me.

"Why are you so small?" I let out a held breath and start thanking every deity that i could think of that Tyler was back. Unfortunately he soon realized that he wasn't anthro... or bipedal, and as figured for something like this he starts freaking out.

"OH MY GOD! What the hell!?" he said turrning and looking at his body.

"Exactly what i'm thinking! Calm down before you start demolishing things."

His head whips back at me "CALM DOWN!? I'm a full sized... dude your bleeding, what happened?" Most of the cuts had stopped bleeding by now as I recap what had went down. It calmed him down, but now he was depressed from finding out he attacked his best friend.
"But what if I end up like that again? I could wind up killing a lot of people, you included." My mind goes into overdrive and I start pulling together a good guess as to why it happened. I figure that since humans lose vital resouces like food and water they progresseively lose energy, eventually leading to death. But for dragons... their mind is affected first, progressively shutting down reason and complex thought and start to let base instincts take control until the needs are satisfied. It made sense, given the fact that I didn't maul my parents when my transormation was done because my needs weren't as great as Tyler's when he woke up.

I explain this to him and his mood lightens a little... until his stomach signals it's hunger. He gets a worried look and was about to say something, but i did not want him to bring himself down, so i cut him off with...

"Relax, your not going to turn feral this early. Besides your not the only one who's hungry... think you can wait a few minutes without leveling the yard?"

"Haha, very funny shane." Sarcasm thick on his voice as he lays down by the oak tree. Heading inside I grab the remaining pizzas out of the fridge, fit two whole pizzas onto a single plate and nuke it, take it out and microwave the last pizza for me. I walk out to see him carving "Tyler wuz here" onto the oak tree with his claw.
"Man... that's childish, even for you." Holding out his plate.
"Needed something to do... pizza!" He holds out his paw and I set the plate on it, he just grips the edges and flips all the slices into his maw.
"Showoff." I say before tearing into a slice.

A couple of minutes later i carry the plates back in and put them in the dishwasher, I was about to walk back outside when i look at the tv, "hmm... what if..." thinking this I sidestep outside and look over to the window that connects the living room to the backyard, it was those kind that open outward, there was no divider in the middle so someone human sized could leap through... or something draconic size can put it's head in. I walk over, stack the chairs and slide them in between the door and window. Tyler asks what I was doing but i didn't answer, just plant my talons on the grill and give it a little kick, just enough to move it out of the way. Heading back inside, i open the windows all the way out and tell tyler to try and fit his head in.

"Why?" he asks, raising an eye ridge

"So you can see the tv, what else?" I back up as he tries to fit his head in... and his tusks impale themselves on the frame. He pulls out and tries again, this time angling his head upwards to avoid hitting the bottom frame, he manages to fit his head in... barely. I pick up and move the recliner over to the wall and set it there as Tyler lays his head on the floor.

"So... what are we watching?" Tyler said with a bored tone...sadly it sounded just like the voice I always use.

"Well, news time I guess..." I check the major news channels and hit something on the second try.

"Reports confirm that the liquid contained within the vials delivered earlier today cause a drastic physical change in the recipients when ingested. A current tally indicates that  over 45 million people in the U.S. under the age of 25 and counting have recieved the vials, and least half have ingested the liquid." He gets a look on his face that he's about to make a announcement that seems impossible for him.

"We... have obtained photos of those affected and we have been given permission to display these. The following pictures have not been edited or enhanced in any way." As a slide show of dragons started of both anthro and full... but there were more, drakes, flemmies, dragotaurs, and even a photo of a hydra were shown, most look like they were taken by phones and webcams, but a few had been shot with a high res camera. The slideshow goes on for another five minutes before it switches back to the studio. The anchorman was just dead white, guess that was his first time seeing them... honestly I thought he'd be speechless from it but he recovers and continues.

"As you can see the changes... are drastic, It is recommended that caution be used around the recently changed..." Then he starts rattling off things we already knew. After a while he says "More as the situation develops." as I switch over channels and end up on the show modern marvels.

"Well the dragons out of the bag now, so what do we do?" I ask tyler

"I can think of a few things" Tyler get's an evil grin and I know he's got something fun planned, but then he remembers something.

"Why don't you go tell your mom about this before we start the fun? " As he backed his head out the window. I figure it's a good idea and head up and knock on her door.

"Come in."

"Hey mom, whatchya doing?" like i thought she was on the laptop, but she was on facebook instead of the news websites.

"Checking up on everyone." She had a lot of her people from past jobs and such as friends on facebook so it stands that she would check up on em'.

"They come out on the news about what the vials do..." she looks up at me as I said it.

"How did it go?"

"Mainly about the effects, but they showed some pictures of people who took it, and pretty much listed everything we already know... Um, can I go outside now?" I worried that she wouldn't let me outside until there was no chance of me getting shot, so I was suprised when she said...

"Alright, but don't go to any stores or scare people, also be careful, and I mean it! You come back hurt and I will lock you up in the basement till judgement day." I say thanks and head out the door, as I shut It i think "why didn't she say anything about the cuts?" I check my arms and find not a scratch on them, a smirk creeps on my face... "plus one for draconic healing!" I say as I head out back and find tyler cutting a star around the words he carved earlier.

"You've gotta stop doing that man, anyway what's on our list of things to do Ty?"
He turns to me, "Well, wees gots wings, so why not use 'em?"  as he unfolds his wings some.

"Thats the most awsome idea today!" I step out and stretch my wings with a massive draconic grin on my muzzle as I get a running start, passing him I leap, flap my wings... and get a muzzle-full of dirt. I spit out most of the dirt and groan as Tyler busts up laughing.

"EPIC FIRST FLIGHT FAIL!" He continues laughing as I pick myself up, spit the rest of the dirt out and fold my wings back.

"Like to see you try, ***hole!"

"I will!" as he turns toward the street, leaps over the fence, jumps as he gets to the street and started flying. He hovered for a few seconds before starting to climb in a loose circle. He was leaving me behind! I try a takeoff without running and fall on my tail. I get up and try again, manage to get a few beats off before falling, this time landing into a crouch and leaping up yet again, this time as hard as I could which easily cleared 13 feet and managed to get into a unsteady hover before gaining better control and started a climb after Tyler. Flying was different... but awsome at the same time, there was no feeling out there close to this, i almost was euphoric with excitement from flying. My mood starts to fade as I get to tyler, he hadn't even noticed me approach... The lightbulb above my head dings on, and I gain altitude till i was just out of sight above him, and decend like a hawk upon his head.

'TAG, YOU'RE IT!" I yell as I land, step jump off his snout and race ahead.

"Hey! That how it's gonna be eh?" As he sped after me. I had gotten a decent lead but he was gaining fast... I need a way to dodge him, he was just a few feet behind me now. I flip around and enter a dive, his claws pass inches from my feet as the rest of him roars past. I turn the dive into a climb till I was just under the clouds and enter a hover as Ty circled around and headed full speed towards me. Exiting hover mode, I start a full-on collision course with him. I could see him smile, he knew I was playing chicken, something he would win... but i expected him to, i just needed to get close enough for my plan to work. I start laughing like a maniac as we close in on each other. 50 meters... 40... 30...20... Now! I dive under him and pull up into a hard loop into the clouds, i figure he looked back to see me gone and slowed down to look for me. Using my hearing to pinpoint where he was at, I fly over to him till I was sure where his head was at and again decend like a raptor upon his neck. The way we had played tag when we were younger dictated that only feet and hands could tag... And I figured we were going by those rules again, so I land on his neck, grab a hold of his horns, and start riding.

"Hey! What the- get off!" He bucked and twisted trying to shake me off, but I had too good of a grip on his horns and neck.

"Yeehaw!" Hahaha, this would make an awsome youtube video. Apperently there's a flaw in full dragon anatomy because when tyler tried to tag my leg with his claw he ended up in a dive... and I got a clear look at the ground.

"Holy ****!" Fear hit me like a freight train, Heart tripled it's beat as my gut went to nautious mode, electricity climbed my spine as I held on for dear life. Only my parents knew of my fear of hights, Going up wasn't a problem... but going down could send me to near catatonia. Too bad Tyler loved it, cause he went into a straight nose-dive, and I locked up even worse. Something started growing in size below us, first it was a speck, now a blob... now it was a bird, maybe a hawk based on the colors.

"Still won't let go? Well, lets see if this get's you off!" He shouts and angles onto a course with the bird. When we get close he opens his maw like he was going to devour the bird... but he snaps his jaws shut way to early, angles his head and neck down... which left the bird on a collision course with my face. I didn't even have time to think before...


It collides with my muzzle as I let go and pinwheel off tyler, D*** this bird was mean, trying to claw my face to bits! But the unexpected hit caused me to break out of my fear. Disengaging from the hawk's blitz I easily out-distance him, Tyler had already landed in my backyard and was waiting for me, As I came in for landing I saw several people out with their phones or were pointing at me... guess I'm going to be really popular soon. I keep my fear in check long enough to backwing into a landing... and fall on my tail as fear hits one last time.

"You look a liitle freaked out." He looks above me and sees something.

"Hey shane, guess what? Your number one fan has returned!" I look back and see the hawk dive at me, screeching like a demon.

"Whoa!" I roll out of the way as the hawk swooped right into where my head used to be.

The stupid bird swooped around for another attack... and it was getting annoying. I get up and wait for the bird to get close, I dodge again... and the bird heads around for another yet another strafing run. This time I decided to scare it off with a roar, I stand my ground and breath deep... here comes birdie! I tense my neck and feel something pop in my jaw, I paid no mind and let out what I expected to be a massive roar... Only instead I let out a giant streak of white-hot fire! Needless to say... that bird was kentucky fried. I close my mouth and feel another pop in my mouth as I try to comprehend that i had just breathed fire. I start laughing and turn around to see tyler with his jaw hanging wide open.

"Can't believe that i completely forgot that dragons breath fire!" I say as Tyler recovers and says...

"That...was...AWSOME! Do it again!"

I search for a target, the bird had landed a few feet away, but it was charred black from only a 3 second blast... I decide the sky would be the best place to blast because I didn't want to start an inferno in my backyard. I recall what i did, tense neck? Yep I feel something pop in my bottom jaw, more like one on each side as I tense my throat. I rear back take a breath through my nose and let loose... Huh? Instead of a spear of fire I get a jet of liquid that disperses into a yellow gas-like haze several yards away, I hear a snort and turn to see tyler covering his snout with a paw trying not to laugh...unsucessfully. Think! What did you do wrong? tensed throat...hmmm, I have a flashback of when I first breathed fire. I figure it out and tense my entire neck this time, and feel two more pops in the top of my mouth along with the ones on bottom. I look back at the cloud of gas and use it as a target. This time I breath the same white-hot fire i did before, but when it hit the gas...


The gas explodes, sending me stumbling back from the force. I open my eyes to see some of  the grass in the yard on fire, while the area below the blast was completely charred to a crisp. That gas was more than 15 feet in the air! And it did this? Closest thing i could come up with that could do an explosion like that was a fuel-air bomb. Tyler was still slack-jawed when my mother came running out of the house.

"Shane! What is goin-" She stops and stares at tyler before turning back to me with a angry look on her face.
"Shane, explain... now." While tyler goes around stomping the fires out I "explain" to mom about tyler, while leaving the feral part out. A few minutes later when I finaly finish the recap, dad comes home and sees tyler.

"What the **** is this?" After explaining everything again he looks over to tyler and asks...

"Shouldn't you call your parents or sister about this?" Tyler then realizes that he forgot about them and his new... situation.

"Um, can somebody get my phone out of my truck?" He looked pale... and that's saying something when it's a giant red dragon.

"I got it." I head for the ford while mom and dad take groceries inside.
I grab his android phone off of the armrest and head back to tyler. He was looking at something in the sky, I follow his gaze and see groups of dragons flying around, some were by themselves while others where in large groups.

I stare a for about minute before speaking up."Looks like we kickstarted the airshow."

He glances over. "Looks like it."I ask him how to unlock the phone and he tells me, I try and find out that claws dont work with touchscreens, I use my knuckle and manage to unlock the phone and speed-dial his parents and put it on speakerphone.

His dad picks up the phone "Yes, Tyler?" I sit back and watch the conversation.

"Hey dad, did you see the news yet?"

"No, they're just starting a recap... hold on." I figure that the slideshow starts in 3...2...1.

There was silence for about fifteen seconds until he comes back with disbelief in his voice "Tyler, didn't you say that Sarah took one of these vials?"

"Um... yeah and... so did I." his head cringes when he says it.

"WHAT!" the voice was so loud it made my ears ring.

"Put your sister on the phone!" You would've had to be brain dead to think he was not PO'ed.

"She's not here, I'm over at Shane's house." Tyler looked like he wished his mom had picked up, and I couldn't blame him, his dad was akin to the hulk when he got angry.

"And you leave you sister alone? ******* in-" I will not go over the details of what happened next but there where some of the most hurtful words I've ever heard said to tyler, near the end of his rant he orders tyler to go home and or never come back. I was border-line enraged by some of the things he said, and Tyler was actually the good kid of the family! He got straight A's, never got into fights, compared to his sister who would sneak out, go to midnight parties, do drugs and worse. Tyler was on the verge of crying from the verbal abuse.

"THAT ****ing prick!" I wanted to hit something... like a brick wall, I was seriously pissed off.

I turn to Tyler "I hear him say that **** to you again and I'll rip his *** to shreds. He doesn't have the right to say that bull**** about you." I take a deep breath to calm down and continue. "Go home, try to work it out... if things go for the worst you'll always have a place here." He mutters his thanks and flies off, I see a tear glint in the light as it fell of Tylers face. I head back inside and crash on the couch on my back with my wings hanging off, I fall into a dreamless sleep in seconds.
And what could possably happen next? Only I know...
Anyway I wanted to do some pretty evil things in here, but they would've de-railed future parts

Feedback be apreciated ^.=.^

if you don't know what a fuel air explosive is or have not seen one look here [link] or [link]

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