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Mom and dad were still watching the news so that they could catch that "more on this as it becomes available." crap the anchorman gave out. More than likely the goverment would keep this under wraps till it got to big to hide, ensuring even more distrust of them than there already is. Meanwhile Tyler was trying to be fashionably late like always, which meant it would be about another five minutes until he got here. Getting up I decide i needed something to help keep me awake so I head over to the fridge and grab a rockstar recovery. I didn't even use the tab, just plucked a hole with my claw, I was seriously enjoying being a dragon... In fact, the reason I wasn't bouncing off the walls in joy was that i was really tired, guess that figures considering the physical toll the change took on my body.

I hear his red 2001 Ford f-150 pull into the driveway as i throw away the can... and I get an idea. I run up and lock the front door then bolt for my room, before my parents can ask where i was going I just tell them  "Be back in a minute!" as i clear the stairs. I creep over to the window and catch him pulling his duffel bag out of the truck, grinning I slide the window open before he turns back to the house. He didn't even notice and kept walking around to the front door. I manage to fit through the window with my wings tucked extra tight, and now I was hanging from the windowsill with one hand and one set of talons planted on the wall. I start having doubts at this point, but before fear could get it's grip on me I let go and fall...

... and land in a crouch without a single touch of pain, or much sound. I had to keep from laughing as I easily stalk him from two feet away until he gets to the door. He tries to open it and finds it locked, I click my tongue to get his attention. As he turns around I raise my arms and yell "BOO!"

"AGGHH!" he falls back and bangs his head on the door as I bust up laughing.

"Ow! What the... wait, Shane!?"

"Haha, yep."  As dad opens the door and sees me.

"Get in here... NOW!"

We head in as he shuts and locks the door behind us.

"That was some stunt you pulled, Shane... do you know what could happen because of that?"
I think on for exactly 6 seconds "Worse case scenario: S.W.A.T bust in with riot shields and shotguns, best case? No one saw a thing." I see tyler go over and start talking to my mom, unfortunately I couldn't hear what they are talking about because of the chewing out dad is giving me.

"D****t, Shane! Do you ever take anything seriously?" That hit a nerve and I switch over to PO'ed mode.

I drop my slight texas accent, which was a big warning to people who knew me. "Do you honestly think i don't take **** seriously?! It's because it isn't serious enough to get stressed over until it actually becomes a dangerous situation, you don't see the whole picture like I do...THIS IS NOTHING compared to what could happen in the next few hours, days, or weeks! All hell will probably break loose when the world finds out what those vials do! And soiciety might end up marking us as outcasts, the military will want "target practice" and the media could turn on us, so excuse me if i seem a bit too laid back before the f****** storm hits!" I deflate and walk over, sit on the couch and stare at the floor as depression set in. Tyler sits in the chair and tries to cheer me up.

"There's upsides to this you know."

Snorting i come back with " Yeah, but there's also downsides and a lot of sharp points."

"come on man, i'm tryin to cheer you up."

"It's not working..."

Tyler sighs and unzips the duffel bag at his feet "If words can't help... maybe killing zombies will." as he held up a 360 controller and left for dead 2. If there's one thing on this earth that can snap me out of a bad mood it's videogames.

I stand up "You know me, always ready to cause destruction and mayhem." He grins and starts taking out the rest of the stuff he packed. My ear twitches and I catch words coming out of the kitchen. I focus and start hearing them clearly, a human whould've heard only wispering. My mom was now chewing out my dad "He's oviously under a lot more stress than you think and that he lets on! I won't let my son slip into another of those depressions, especially now. You will go..." Tyler  waves his hand in front of my muzzle and I jerk back. "Yo, you alright? you were zoned out there." I reply with "i'm fine." as my parents come out of the kitchen. My dad had a sorry look on his face as he apologized for his words and said he'd be going to the store for a while.

My mom turns back to me as he shuts the door. "Yes, you can use the big tv for your games just... don't go out front, i don't want you getting shot by someone. I nod my assent as she heads to her room, probably to use the laptop for the same reason she was watching the news earlier. I feel tyler step on my tail and I jerk it out from under his shoe and sent him crashing to the floor.

"OW! Watch where you step! I still feel pain you know." I said rubbing the sore part of my tail. He says sorry as he gets up and finishes hooking up the 360. We started out at normal difficulty which was a warm up for us. About an hour and a half later I stare as the horde swarm around our dead bodies... for the tenth time. I knew it wasn't me because I had actually gotten way better than I was before, but Tyler wasn't supposed to be this bad, we should have blasted through this level and already be up on hard. I look over and see Ty completely lost in thought.

I set the controller down and break him out of the trance with a shove.


"What are you thinking about man? You've been completely off game for the last hour."

He just looks away "I've been thinking..." he doesn't continue just gets up and pulls something out of his bag... it was a styrofoam package that held one of the vials.

"Oh... that explains alot."

"Yeah, I don't know if i should or not... because i mean my best friend's a dragon, my sis is also a dragon, some of my other friends could be dragons by now, and it's looking more and more awsome to be a dragon, but I worry how my parent's would react."

I turn off the 360 before telling him what I thought. "S*** man... I'm not gonna help you decide, this is your choice and yours alone. It's not my thing to push people one way or another, I'll stand by your decision but you are more informed than I was when I took it, so you can consider everything." I give him a minute to think about it by going into the kitchen and grabbing 3 code reds, one in each hand and one held by my tail.

I come back in to see him staring at the vial in his hand, setting both sodas on the coffee table and shift the one from my tail to my hand and open it. He takes one of the cans and started asking me questions about my transformation, how much it hurt, what it felt like afterwards and such. I answered the best I could, but he had a lot of questions, many of which i didn't have the answer to. By now all three sodas were gone and he had finaly made his decision.

"Alright, I'm gonna take it." he said getting up

"Shouldn't you let your parent's know about you and your sis?" Their parents were on a buisness trip up in Seattle.

"They already know about Sarah and are on their way back, they should be here tomorrow." He popped the top of the vial as he said it. I don't think he told them about the dragon part... or this.

"We should go somewhere else before you drink that." Don't know why i said that but my gut had the feeling he shouldn't do it in the house and I respect my gut feelings.
"Where then? Disneyland?" I get an image of an anthro dragon running away from a horde of little kids.

"Hahaha! No, I was thinking more along the lines of the backyard." as I head toward the back door.

"Thought she told you to stay inside?"

"She told me not to go out front... so technically i am not doing anything wrong by going into the backyard." I said, grinning as Tyler followed me outside.

The backyard was actually pretty decent size for a suburban area, maybe 20 feet wide and 45 long with an old oak tree in the middle, the fence that separated the houses was that 10 foot high wooden style fence you find in rich communities, which meant it was weird being here in a middle class zone. Only other detail were the chairs and grill to our left. We walk out halfway and I stop and turn to him.


"No, but i'm doing it anyway." as he downs the vial.

His eyes go wide as he lowered the vial "Was that blood?"

The ONE question he did not ask was how it tasted, so I just nod my head. It takes about a minute for whatever it is inside that blood to kick in and he doubles over as it does.
"What.... the hell? thought... you said... migraine."

"I did... but It must be different for everybody i guess." I start backing up as his skin starts turning red. A quad of horns start growing out of his head along with claws on his hands. Everything was going just like my transformation until it all went horribly wrong...
Horribly wrong?! Stay tuned and find out. anyway part 3 is done already and I will post after a "short" delay

Part 1:[link]
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Drakeagle Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
very nice. any chance you're going to continue it?
Darkdrake0 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Might put up some short stores and maybe a small epolouge series after a while. So that chances are pretty good
Drakeagle Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
yay! I just sounded good and I want to read more. on another note Did i mention you're in my forgotten god series?
Darkdrake0 Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, you did... actually I read it and found out. Godd job on that by the way.
Drakeagle Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks. looking forward to your next piece!
Shadowfaller Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Very good. Eagerly waiting more. Only suggestion here is the editing. "Your proper nouns (names) are missing their capitals"
Other then that. Keep up the effort.
Darkdrake0 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks,and i'll try to get that capitilization thing fixed.
Shadowfaller Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Ripper. Keep at it.
RuCarNutz Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Cliffhanger! ARGH! :iconclapplz: Very nicely done on the other hand, I am very intrigued. As ever, I await the next installment.
Darkdrake0 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the favs, I've just started writing, so I was kinda nervous when starting... but now i'm picking up steam and hope to keep getting better as time goes on
RuCarNutz Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Np. And improvement is inevitable, so I await to see what the future brings.

Very nice job. ^.=.^
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