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*Beep* "Well, this something I thought i'd never do, I'm not one for audio journals or anything but i'm being paid for this, also something i didn't expect but i'll just roll with it." A sigh followed, causing a burst of static  for a few seconds. "I whould start with my youngest memories but they only want the part where things go crazy..."

Saturday, Febuary 1
I wake to the sound of the A/C turning on with my face buried in my pillow like usual. I push myself up and over to the left side of the bed, I just sit there for a few minutes trying not to fall back to sleep, shaking my head, i reach over and grab my phone turning it on and checking the time " 4:59?" i mumble as I set it back down and stand up. Stretching, I look around my bedroom. In front of me was the walk in closet... nothing interesting there,  behind me sat a lovely window that would shine light into my face each morning if i slept in to long, right to the left of it was "the center" a jumbled mass containing a 21" hdtv, my ps3,  two computers one of which was over halfway disasembled, and a sound system of 2 subwoofers and 4 speakers. I walk out of my room and head downstairs, turning the light on as I enter the kitchen. I wince at the bright light and proceed to the coffee machine, I turn it on for my parents and head over to the fruit and muffin bowl on the dining table. As I reach for a muffin i get a stabbing pain that rips through my heart area causing me to gasp in pain and nearly fall over. "What the h**l?" I say through gritted teeth, I lean on the table for about a minute till the pain fades away. "Well i guess that means fruit." I grab a bannana and devour it as I watch the coffe pot fill. As the coffee pot reached the twocup mark I snap out of my early morning haze and head over to the fridge to pull out a rockstar punched energy drink, I pop the top and take a long draught from the can and feel my mind come back online, I had started drinking these after it became apparent that i needed something in the morning to wake me up, and since I hated the bitter taste of coffee and... well anyrthing else I decided to go with Rockstar.

Now that I'm beginning to wake up fully my mind starts to pick out and remember details, like the fridge sitting next to the electric stove,  how the living room and kitchen meet at the back door and stairs to the basement that sat across from it and ran under the regular stairs. The entire house was a awsome deal we never could have bought, but the owner was desprate for some reason and was selling the house dirt cheap. I still remember walking up to the white paint house, which was first on the block and having our jaw's drop as he told us the price.  I head back upstairs and hear my dad's snoring, marking him as still asleep, I enter and shut the door to my room and turn the light on. I sigh and say, "This is going to be a long, boring day." I grab my phone, turn it on and set the stopwatch for 2minute intervals and start my daily situps and push ups. I had asked for a weight machine or at least a punching bag but they had said that It wasn't needed which led to me doing this for the past two years for exercise. after 4 intervals I stop the timer and get up, rubbing my sore arms I head over to the closet and grab a navy blue sleeveless and a pair of jeans that were badly ripped at the knees and a towel and head to the shower.

After a good, long shower I head downstairs to find my dad sitting in the recliner with a fresh cup of coffee, the 32" tv was set to on the news as they were going through the weekly weather forecast.

"Your up early" I say as I sit on the end of the couch. " So are you." he shot back after taking a drink from his mug.

"Anything interesting?" I asked while I picked up the remote. " Just clouds, clouds, and more clouds until tuesday... but then again, they usually are wrong."  
As they switched back to the main set the woman put a finger to her earpice and was about to say something when I started channel surfing.

"You realize that she was going to say something important, right?" he didn't even look at me when he said it, which meant he didn't care. "It was probably something  that happens every day somewhere in the U.S, someone gets shot,  banks and conveinence stores get robbed, there might even be the occasional major car wreck or plane crash, all of which wouldn't affect us." he just grunts and mumbles "Better not be robbing our bank." That pretty much signals the end of the conversation even though he could have started dropping technicalities and proved me wrong and yeah, he's pretty much in zombie mode like I was earlier.

I end the surf on Scifi as it had just started their monster movie, after about an hour I hear my mom get up and head into the kitchen for some coffee.

"Hey, mom?" I ask as I walk into the kitchen. "yes, Shane?" she said after finishing a sip from her mug. "We have anymore of those potassium pills left?" She gets the worried look on her face that she is known for."It happened again didn't it?" I just nodded my head."They should still be in the medicine cabnet." I say my thanks and head up to the bathroom. The first time I had that pain happen to me my mom had told me it had something to do with not having enough potassium since my mom had been a nurse for a long time I wouldn't argue on it, since then I had not had the pain until 2 years ago, while watching a movie, now I had it happened again. I find the bottle easily, I open it to find that there are only three pills left, I dry swallow one and put the bottle back then I head over to my room to work on the computers.

If you just looked at them you whould think the black, modern looking one on the left whould be the one I was trying to fix, but I had given up on it and had disassembled most of it, The one on the right  however looked ancient with the windows 98 era tower, in it's faded white glory I had upgraded virtually every aspect from the motherboard to the powersupply, only problem was that it whould run but i couldn't get picture. Ever since my dad had brought that systemax home from work I had been trying to get either to working condition. I had given up on the black systemax and decided to strip it. I sit down in the office chair and start to finish the disassembly, I take out the last RAM card and put it in the other, I remove both cooling fans and place one in the back of the other tower and plug it in,last to go was the video card, I take it out a stare at it trying to figure out the make, There wasn't a label or anything on it...I look at the slot where it should go on my tower. "This wouldn't fit..." It looked like it wouldn't but I wanted to try it anyway. I was suprised when it did but that changed into excitement at the possability of it working, I flip the switch on the back and watch the green light on the motherboard wink on. Turning on the tv and switching it's input to pc right as I hit the power button and hear the computer whir to life. Expecting to see a BIOS screen pop up I sit there for a full minute waiting, dissapointment hits my face as I hold down the power button. "D*****t why won't you wor... oh" I look back and see the VGA cable lying there unplugged, I facepalm and then try again, but with the VGA plugged into the new graphics card. A grin lights up my face as the screen goes to startup, entering setup I mess with a few things, put a windows 7 cd into the drive and start loading the OS.

As the install moves along I roll over to the window, weather was at its best for me today as it was cloudy, around 80oF with no rain. Looking down at the street I see a mail delivery truck roll up to the house across the street, an alarm went of in my head when I saw this because the mail NEVER came this early, I watch the guy get out of the truck and grab a package out of the back, it wasn't very big maybe a foot long and wide and about 7 inch thick, the box was standard brown with something stamped on it's side. Unease still chilled my mind like i was missing something, he rings the doorbell and a teenage girl opens the door. I didn't know her name even though i've seen her around the school... but i guees i can't blame myself, since I'm not the type of person who goes out and chats with everyone. After a short exchange of words she takes the box with a confused look on her face and goes inside, delivery guy gets in the truck and starts to drive off... and stops at the next house, he get's out again... and grabs an exact duplicate of the first box! My mind doubles the "this is wrong!" alarm, and it plays out just like before except a guy in his early twenties opens the door, takes the package, and leaves things on a bad note by slamming the door in the guys face. By now my paranoia has started, and I was betting the truck would stop at the next house, and he would grab another one of those boxes. I was tense as the truck started to go... and passed the next house, Sighing I turn away from the window and check the computer's progress, still had a long time to go and I smelled breakfast cooking downstairs.

Walking into the kitchen I see dad unleashing his inner chef, the waffle iron was out and going, something was in cooking in the oven... probably those storebought hashbrown patties, all the while he manages the skillets filled with bacon and scrambled eggs.

"Which army are you feeding today dad?" I asked as I headed over to the fridge."The one that pays for and appreciates my food, of course." I pull a code red mountain dew  out of the fridge." I Appreciate the food, but i'm not payin' for it... also the cook doesn't order more pizzas than needed." I had to bring it up, even if it is just rag on him about it.

"Already told you it was buy two get one free." He knew what I was doing and was playing along, I sit at the table and start drinking my soda." Then why did you get six? Why not three and call it a day? We have four pizzas sitting in the fridge right now." He turns around and looks at me. "I got them because i know how you love pizza, and also because of how you devour everything when your hungry." Whoa, that last part was new and he gets a cheapshot win because of how true it was, I may have one of the best metabolism types with being able to eat ungodly amounts of food and not gain a pound, downside was that i get hungry faster than anyone else.

"Okay, you win...this round anyway."  I down the rest of my soda as he smiles and gets back to cooking. A few minutes later we were all at the table eating when the doorbell rang."I got it." Putting the last strip of bacon in my mouth i put the empty plate in the dishwasher and head for the door. I open the door expecting my friend Tyler at the the door, instead I end up seeing Mr.deliveryman! And he had a guessed it, another one of those generic boxes that I saw being delivered.

"Shane Smith?" He asked with a look on his face that said he hated his job right now. "Yea."I reply and he starts to hand me the box I decided I needed to ask. "How many of these boxes are there? He looks confused fo a second till it dawns on him that i must have seen him deliver the others. "I don't know, but I think it's way to many. I got pulled into work at 5 to start delivering all of em'." he hands me the box, noting the words on the side read fragile as I take it inside.

Walking back into the the kitchen, I set the package on the counter and head over to the fridge to get another code red. Mom looks over at the package curiously and asks " what'd you get?" "Don't know... but i feel like i'm in the twilight zone right now, cause packages just like the one right there has been delivered to a lot of other people in the neighborhood an a lot more that just them."

They look at the package as if it was a bomb, and I couldn't blame em' cause I felt the same way. I walk over to and grab a knife and grab the package and start to cut of the tape. "You can't seriously... why whould you open it? For all you know there is a bomb in that thing!" my dad gets up and walks over to me and we lock eyes. I start feel like an idiot as I lay the knife down and break eye contact."Y ok, I feel stupid now... I'll put this in my room and see if I can't find something about this on the net." He grabs the knife and puts it back. "Alright I'll search the news for anything, You DO NOT open that box, even if you find out what's in it, got it?" I nod my head and go upstairs to my room and set the box on the edge of the table and walk over to my computer. Waking the tv I see the finalize install screen, after taking care of that I plug the ethernet cable in and head online to see what chaos this box has whrought. I check the news feeds and find nothing, feeling like this is way too out of place I decide on checking social places like facebook and twitter, I head to DA to start searching there, after I log in I see a ton of watch alerts... and one message, I start with the art getting rid of most, faving or commenting a few, then I get to that one message from FiRStdrAgon01368 who also seemed to have joined today. "wierd..." I sit staring at the screen rereading the message over... If you received a brown box, and you don't know where it came from or who sent it click one of these [link][link][link]. I think "Aw hell, what's the worst that could happen?" and click on the first link.

A chat room popped up , and the list of people in there was massive!

-darkdrake0 has joined
A wave of questions came my way from everyone, most of the whom i didn't know, I ingore most of the questions until i found one from a friend...

-Hey drake! how's it goin'?

-It's weird man, Know anything bout' these boxes?
Most of the questions to me dropped at the line and people went back to chatting or simply left, and i end up having to hunt for his reply.

-Just as much as you do, Which is ta say dat i don't know what the liquid does.

Liquid? i snap my head over to the box and start thinking about what a liquid can do,explosive? Still a possibility, but i won't know until I see it,Bio? again it can work but why use a liquid? Gas whould work much better for spreading viruses and the like, Chemical? I drew a blank on it and figured it couldn't be that. I turn my attention back to the chat...

-Thanks for the info on it being a liquid, but i need mor details before i pop open the box...

-There's nothin much, just styrofoam box held together with tape and inside there is a capped plastic test tube with a note sayin " drink this"... Freaky isn't it?

-Yea, But whats the point of this? Why hasn't anyone found out what it does and told us yet?

-Don't know... but i got wind that these are bein' shipped all over da world.

-FiRStdrAgon01368 has joined
It came in a flurry of messages so I almost missed it, But everyone else soon saw it and started a barrage of questions.

-FiRStdrAgon01368QUIET! I'll tell you What you need to know about the vial... but only if you give me undivided attention as I will only say this once!
All the chatter died instantly, I was glad for it but I wondered how he knew about what it does.

-FiRStdrAgon01368The vial does not have ANY harmful agents in it, it won't kill you, drug you, or cripple you. So it's okay to drink it.
My paranoia Jumps to red alert when he said the last part, There wasn't a single question about it so I decide to jump in...

-darkdrake0How do we know we can trust ya? For all we know you sent out these Boxes yourself!

-FiRStdrAgon01368Actually... I did, I had help of course but I did.
My jaw hits the the table when i read the reply,This guy sent out these things?

-darkdrake0 If you sent these out... what do they do? And WHY should I drink it?

-FiRStdrAgon01368 I'm not going to tell you what it does, as for why? Answer this question, If that liquid in that vial was the ONLY way to save your life... whould you drink it?

I just sit there, staring at the screen with gears grinding in my head as everyone else
replied with yes. I had already made my decision but it was the question that unerved
me,  because people only bring that up if it was possible. I type my reply and hit enter.

-darkdrake0 *sigh* Yes, but only if i don't end up with something worse than death.

-FiRStdrAgon01368Good, because if you don't take it you WILL end up with something worse than death.

-FiRStdrAgon01368 has left

Exiting IE8 I lean back in the chair and run both my hands through my short hair. "Worse than death eh?" I grab the box and head down to the living room. "anything?" I ask as they both turn and look at me. "No, but remember this morning? Well turns out that there was a mass shooting an airport in the city south of here." I set the package down on the coffee table " I told you something like that whould happen didn't i?" He shakes his head and looks at me. "Nothing like this i bet, Some Psycho took an ak47 to most of the people in the airport, over sixty people dead including the killer himself, cops say that he took fifteen rounds before going down." He was right, they were still covering it. "Listen, I uh, found out some interesting stuff about that."I say while pointing at it. They motion for me to continue.

"How do i put this? I found out everything except what it does. I ended up in a chat room with the guy who sent these out and..." Mom stops me and goes..."Wait, you talked to this guy, and he just told you what you wanted to know?" I sigh and make a quick decision. "Yes and no, He told me everything except what it does,He said it whould not kill me, drug me, or anything around those lines. And also I'm going to open it before i continue." My dad looks at me as he pulls out his pocketknife. "you sure? Cause if he lied..." I cut him off with "If he lied, all three of us could die. However something he said makes me think that he doesn't want us dead."

He slits the tape on the box and I slowly open it to find styrofoam, carefully flipping it upside down and slip the styrofoam out of the box, so far so good. We slit the tape off of the sides and back and ease the top off..."Just like he said, a tube and note." only thing he didn't mention was that the liquid was blood red, I take out the tube and look at it closer, It was about half full, it also felt a cold like it had been in a fridge for a while. I jerk out of anaylisis mode once I hear my mom start to rant. "A note saying Drink this? They expect someone to do that just by putting it on a peice of paper? No explanation, no reason, not even a list of possable sideeffects? Are they that Go..."
I had to stop her before she got on full steam. "Alright mom please! Yes, it seems a little stupid to put only that on it... The guy gave me a reason, even if it is a bit uh... obscure." Both of them were looking at me for a few seconds before my mom speaks up " And just what reason whould make you drink a potentially toxic liquid?" I just felt like I was going to catch hell for this..."As he put it? Saving me from a fate worse than death."

The stare me down with the "Thats it?" look on their faces. "and?" my dad asks. Suddenly my mind finds a way to put all the pieces together and then some. "Yeah, but i just thought about how these things are being sent all over the world right? You whouldn't do that unless you know people won't die from it because news travels fast nowadays. He even went so far to go to a chat page on DA, and that's not the first place i'd go if i was telling people that this was safe. Besides that i'm starting to get curious of what this can do if they went to such lengths."

Both mom and dad look at each other, look back at me and I could tell they were processing what I said. My mom gets it first and tells me..."Three things, one:Why would they do this, two: Your not drinking that till i'm a hundred percent sure it won't kill you, and three: Whats DA?"

I mental facepalm at the last one, I never told them about DA and my dragon fandom."Um... for the first one i could think of a few reasons, mainly involving a cure to a viral outbreak and such. The second one? I'll get back to that one, as for three... DA is an art,chat, and story site that i go to."

My dad stares at the tube and asks... "Alright, now back to two... how are you going to prove to us that its safe?" I was stumped. "I honestly do..." Just then my phone rings, cutting me off.

Pulling out the touchscreen i check the caller id and find out it's Tyler, when I read his name I realize i had completely forgoten about him and it dawns on me that he could have gotten one of the vials shipped to him.

"Hey Tyler, how's it goin'?"

"Hi Shane it's going alright, listen I got a question for you..."

"You DID get one of those boxes!"

"And I guess you got one too huh?"

"Did you take it?"

"F*** no! But guess what? My sis also got one..."

Quick rundown his older sister, She's 23, manages the Hot topic in the mall, Oh and she's a pothead, so she probably ended up being stoned when she got the package, which also means she probably took it, figures.

"Ooooookay, She dead?" I forgot to mention that she really doesn't like me.

"Nope still very much alive *Loud thud followed by crashing sound and cursing*...yeah it didn't kill her, um... listen can i come over for a while?"

"...Sure, but first what whould happen if I did take it?"

There was silence for at least a minute, he must really be thinking hard on it.
"Well, You would never believe me if I told you... but if you do decide to take it, There will be a serious life shakeup if you do. I'll be there in about half an hour." And he disconected.

I set my phone on the end table and relay our conversation to my parents, and my perferred choice of action.

"So you want to drink this, even with a quote "life shakeup"?" my dad has a worried look on his face as he says it, knowing he couldn't change my mind.
"i'm sure...besides life needs a shakeup now and then otherwise it beecomes dull and not worth the effort."
My mom was even worse with the worry face,"Shane I love you."She was preparing for the worst case scenario, me dead.

"Love you too mom." As I pop open the lid with my thumb. I had a feeling it wouldn't taste good and decide to drink it shots style. As I swallow it all i get a coppery taste...wait coppery? Theres only one... oh god. This is blood! I hurl the tube away from me as the newsguy says "We have an important announcement to make..." I spit as we all look at the tv.

"Reports confirm millions of unmarked boxes have been shipped to people all across the world, Statements by the CDC and government officials report that the contents of these boxes are confirmed to hold hazardous agents inside, They advise extreme caution and to not under any circumstances handle the materiel inside, more on this as it becomes available."

"Awwwwwww ****ing ****it!" Figures some **** like this would happen. Made worse with father making an ***hole remark.

"well, still whishin' for that "exciting" shakeup?" Yep, he's mad.

"I'm still alive, so shut up!" as I start pacing behind the couch and chairs.

"Yeah well you might not be in a few minutes! I knew it was a bad idea letting you drink that ****! We should have destroyed it, but no! you had to "find out what it does." This is what happ..."

And thats when a Scream ripped through the air, causing every one to stop and try to find where it was coming from. It was a guy screaming from the tone of it, but before I  could figure out the exact direction it was coming from it stopped just as fast as it began.

"That's not a good sign." My dad just looks at me "Ya think?"
Mom decides to thankfully break in before we go at it again...

"We should call 911 instead of waiting for something to happen!"

He grabs my phone and started to tried to dial, but encountered my screenlock
he started to ask but I didn't wait for him. "bottom left, all the way right and up, across and down to center." he gets it on the second try and was about to start dialing when my ears started to ring.

It was subtle at first, barely noticed it... until it started getting louder and a migrane started up. To me migranes a rarity, but when they hit man do they mess me up, I've only had 3 of them in my entire life, but each one left me in agony for hours. And this one was hitting me quick and fast, making me cradle my head in my hands... and it was being made ten times worse by the ringing in my ears which had gone even louder and had started to distort my hearing. By now mom and dad had noticed...


The voice was warped now and I couldn't tell who had said it, my eyes were being lanced by the light, near blinding me... and now I felt my skin prickle as if everything had fallen asleep. I fell to my knees, head still in my hands and breathing heavily, one clear thought came through before being snatched away by the pain, what is happening!?
All I could hear was the ringing in my ears now, cutting off my parent's panicked words. Thats when I was greeted by what felt like lava going through my veins and the absolute joy of having my pressure points get pushed... every single one of them.
"AAAAAAAAAGGGHHHH!!!" The scream ripped out of me as I fell on my side writhing in pain. The pressure on my joints and almost everywhere else kept growing. By all rights I should have passed put from the pain but I'm still hanging on... barely. The pressure keeps building to where I felt like my body would disintigrate, and still went even higher until...

"CRRACKK" I felt it to my very core a.k.a my spine, and I would have screamed again... but my throat had closed and was burning as if i had eaten a handfull of chili powder. I felt something start to come out of my skin, I couldn't see what was happening because I had shut my eyes tight to keep from having the light sting them, but they were still hurting. Trying to move, I found out that all my muscles had locked up...but it also felt like they were growing, shifting, changing...That's when I took notice that the pain had dulled some, allowing me to feel everything that was happening. My clothes had become tight and were close to ripping, something was pushing it's way out of my fingers, toes, and head, and I felt a build up of something in my back and tailbone... and thats when I feel my chest seize. I couldn't breathe as something pushed it's massive way out of my front, from just above my sternum to all the way between my legs, I figure all my clothes decided to rip at the moment, as I felt a lot less constricted. After a bit I feel several cracks in my chest and abs I get to be able to breathe again and the burning had stopped, even the muscles had loosend some, alowing me to roll onto my hands and knees.I thought the worst was over, until my bones start breaking. I screamed again as I felt my skull and legs break apart and reform. Having your skull break apart and reform is one of the most insanityinducing things i've ever felt, it pushed out and formed a muzzle as new teeth popped in and old ones sharpened, my eyes fell back a little on my head and stop stinging, my ears rotate back and expand some... and with a pop I could hear again. As for my legs? My five toes blended to three, the legs shift up into digigrade stance, a spike comes out of what used to be my heel as muscle shifted to take the new structure. Pressure builds in my spine and I let out a small roar as a tail and wings rip free, collapsing on the ground I end up hearing someone's breathing, it was slow and unsteady... a mark of fear.

With my eyes still closed, I use my mental map of the house to crawl over to the wall under the stairs, leaning my back against the wall with my new wings spread out and try to calm my heavy breathing. I felt weak, like I had been running for days, a thick haze clouded my thoughts and emotions, not only that but I was thirsty to the point of my mouth being sandpaper and beyond even that... hungry.

I hear footsteps as my breathing returned to normal, They kept going until they were right in front of me and that is when I hear the click of a safety on a gun. I open my eyes to see dad pointing his sig p250 pistol at my face... his hand was shaking badly as we locked eyes...I couldn't remember clearly of what happened in the next few minutes and I had to get my dad to tell me what happened... his side starts as I scream.

"Ohh to hell with this!" as I toss the phone into the couch and start running for the stairs, the emergency call had been met with a busy tone... apparently  everyone else who drank this had the idea to call as well. "where are you going!?" Janey shouted after me, stopping halfway up the stairs I reply with "Better he have his misery ended by me than for him to suffer like this!" Her eyes widen at the words, she knew I would go through with it. She looks away and runs toward the basement, her training as a CNA kicked in and she was going for the medical kit down there. As she reaches the basement stairs I snap my attention back to Shane, he was curled up facing away from me in utter agony... how stupid It was of me to let him drink it, my gut had to told me to go with it and this is the result. Breaking my gaze, I run up to our bedroom and bash the door open.  Grabbing the gun box out from under the bed and slide it onto the dresser, I pull out my keys and try to locate the red grip for the gun box key... it wasn't here! I throw the keys down and try to think, where did i put the key after the firing range? We had just finished test firing the sig after buying it when shane asks "Where are you going to put the key?".

"I'm going to keep it right here on my keychain."

"That's a bad idea, keychains can be lost and stolen, and what if I was home alone and needed it... Hang it on a nail somewhere just out of sight."

"And where might that be?"

"Just inside your closet on the left side, that should do it." he said with a smile of confidence that he got when he shares his ideas.

I remember the suggestion and run over to the closet... it was there, I was halfway to the box when... "Ryan! GET DOWN HERE NOW!" Stopping I was hit by the realization that shane should have screamed again... I make the obvious guess that's why she called me, because he died. I put the key into my pocket and head downstairs, better to face it now than to hold back. I keep my gaze away from where shane would be, and see Janey standing  by the stairs she went down just a minute ago, the med kit was laying dropped next to her. I finaly look at her eyes and see she wasn't sad, they were instead filled with shock... and horror. Following her gaze to shane I find the reason why.

"My god..." His skin had turned as black as oil. Horns were growing out of his head along with claws out of his fingers and some of his toes. My mind just gets overloaded by this surreal scene in front of me and all I could do was stand and watch. As I hear his bones crack and start to shift my mind reboots and I get the questions "What the hell is he turning into!? And what happens when he's done?" This get's my body to move and I run up the stairs to the bedroom. Unlocking the case i pull out the gun and clip and start loading from the small box of 9mm bullets. once the clip is full I slam the clip in and pull the slide back, chambering a round. Just then a roar comes from downstairs. "I hope Janey had the sense to hide." Walking downstairs with the gun at the ready hearing heavy breathing coming from right below the stairs, I make my way around and almost shoot him right there. Shane, or what used to be him was laying against the wall, eyes closed but the wings and tail had put me even further of balance "What the **** are you?" I thought. Walking over, I stand about two feet away and realize I had kept the saftey on. Flicking it off I see a pair of orange eyes open... and stare right into mine. His eyes were off though, they looked glazed... similar to someone who is on the verge of death.
He opens his muzzle slowly as if he was going to say something... and he did.

"P...Pleasssse...don't." The hiss had sent a chill running down my spine, but his words had also sent me to war with myself. If he could speak there was a chance he could still be the son I knew, on the other hand... look at him! He could kill you and anyone else nearby. I hear Janey walk up beside me, I guess she had been sitting in the recliner trying to decide on what to do, and I knew what she went with.

"Ryan, don't do it." Our eyes meet and even though it was a calm voice I heard, she looked far from it. She was close to crying, and truth be told... so was I. Feeling something give I instantly knew I couldn't do it. I lower the sig and walk to the couch, sit down and went to eying the gun in my hands. A low growl caused me to jump and turn around, Shane had tried to say something again but another growl came out... he stopped and cleared his throat and tried again, all that came out was a mumble. Both me and Janey edge closer as he tried again and croaked out ""

We both heard his words and looked at each other. "I'll get the some food." Janey said as she ran into the kitchen. I glance back at Shane and see his eyes droop almost all the way shut. I Run down and grab a gallon jug of water from the basement emergency stash and walk over to him, ripping the seal off I still feel cautious about going near him so I slide the jug the last foot over to him. He glances over to it and his eyes snap open and too fast for my eyes to follow he slices the neck of the jug clean off and starts chugging it. He just keeps going till about 3/4 of the jug is empty and then he slams the jug on the carpet, and looks at me while he gets his breath back. His eyes were alot less glazed now and they were much more alert, we hear the microwave signal that it was done and see Janey come out with a plate full of hot pizza. I turn back and see Shane's eyes light up like a kid in a candy store, but he didn't move he just held out his hand waiting for the plate. She sets it carefully onto his hand he takes a deep smell of the food and justs starts tearing into them. I mean he just picks up a slice, takes most of it out with a single bite then throws the crust away... he took out the entire plate which must have been a whole pizza, finishes the jug of water then leans back and closes his eyes...

And now back to me------

"Ugghhh, what happened?" I reach up to hold my head and find out I had claws, which had bumped into a muzzle which I happened to find out was mine as well.

"The ****?" as I open my eyes to see a tail and clawed toes.

My dad speaks first "What happened? I'm pretty sure thats not first thing that whould come to my mind."

"All I remember is you pointing a gun into my face, everything before that, and nothing after..." Dad looks away and fills me in on what happened.

Now he starts pacing. "Now comes the question of what the **** are we going to do now that your a... a..."

"Dragon?" I said, finishing his sentence for him.

He stops and stares like an eagle."Aren't dragons quadropeds and also I don't know... burn villages and stuff? Also your taking this way too calmly."

"Dad? Your stereotyping so stop, and I'm taking this well because of the fact I'm still alive, I'm not the only one who took this, and also because I like dragons." He and my mom give the "how come I didn't know about this?" look as I try to stand. It wasn't as hard as some people write about on DA, it just felt natural to stand on the balls of my feet. As I stood I could tell that I was taller, originally I was 5 foot 4, now I just barely cleared 7 feet. They had to look up to make eye contact. The wings were a bit harder to do, imagine having arms upside down your back and that's what I felt except with really long fingers. Folding them up they fit snugly on my back as I get used to having a tail. More or less like an arm without an elbow and with one finger, the tail was maybe 5-6 feet as I moved it up in front of my muzzle and examine it... no spikes or anything just plain black with a lighter shade of it on the underside. I was able to see scales on the tail, they were small... would be impossible to see from 5 feet away, they locked tight together and didn't reveal any skin as my tail flexed and twisted, giving complete coverage but I doubt it would stop a bullet... though maybe a knife could be deflected away. I stretch and felt a lot of bones pop and felt ten-times better.

My mom decides to make an suggestion right then. "Maybe you should find a pair of pants." Looking down I didn't see any thing showing, it was all coverd by the plates that had formed on my chest and went all the way down.

"Nothings showing... but I guess I could find something before Tyler sho...wait, speaking of him how long till he gets here?"

Mom checked my phone"you've got ten minutes."

I head up to my room knowing that any of my regular clothes wouldn't fit at all, but maybe there was some pants in the box of clothes an old friend had given me before he moved away when I was 12... Still don't know why he gave me them in the first place but since I had never gotten rid of it, I might as well see what's in it. The box was found easily in the back of my closet, Dragging it out and slitting the tape with one of my claws, I open it to find a pair of black jeans with a little note on it. The note read "Hope these fit ya a few years from now. Your friend, Montana" I smile as I held up the jeans, not only were they the right size, but it also had an awsome tribal design on the sides of the legs. I manage to cut a hole for my tail (Denim is tough stuff people!) I get them on and head to the bathroom to get a good look at how I'd changed.

The first thing I noticed was the plates, they were dark grey in color and really let my new muscle definition show. The plates were heavily segmented allowing ease of movement, but giving full coverage just like the scales, and looked like it could block a bullet from a 44 magnum. My eyes were a vibrant orange with slitted pupils like a reptile's, except mine weren't  razor thin, just a bit thicker. Moving up i find my hair is gone, didn't care much for it anyway. My horns drew back along my head until they dip halfway then curve up into points at the back. I finaly notice something and hold out my hand, five black ultra-sharp claws that started just after the final knuckle allowing full dexterity, but what got my attention was the scales... they didn't reflect light! No matter which way I turned it was the same dark black. I chalk it up to night camouflage and move on to my wings. I stretch it out and feel a few bones pop and felt a little less stiff, The membrane was solid pitch black that was even darker than my scales. A spike facing outwards came out of the "wrist" of the wings. I step sideways so that the mirror can show the rest of the wing, thats when I see the wingtips. The top two had formed into razor edges with the membrane receded back so that they can be used as a weapon, and I got a flashback of how I would picture myself as a anthro dragon... it was an exact match! I had spent hours searching the web for images that screamed "that's me!" or at least to a part it was. Chalking it down to coincidence I head downstairs and wait for Tyler to arrive...
First part of dragon tf story! As I said before its starting out slow but will pickup speed as the chapters roll out.
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