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6:00 AM

I wake to the song "Feel so numb" by Rob zombie, after fumbling and grabbing my phone out of my pants I see that my school alarm was on... guess in all the chaos I forgot to turn it off, doing so now I place the phone on the endtable and collapse back onto the bed.

-Get up.-

-No, how's about you go back to sleep?-

-What if I told you somone was heading for the shower?-

-So? Let them have it.-

-What if I also told you that they were human?-

A jolt runs up my spine and I hop out of bed and stare at the door before rushing and opening it quickly... that lying son of a b****, it was just Jessica heading toward the shower. I let out a held breath and Jessica looked at me like I was strangely. She was about to say something before I cut her off.

"It's okay take a shower, just having a morning freakout." I shut my door before she can reply. I turn away and think...

-You annoying prick.-

-Got you out of bed didn't it?-

-But I didn't wanna! You know what forget ye, when I pass out a few hours from now you'll be wishing I had some more sleep.-

I hear a sound remarkably like a snort before Zael says -If you think your going to have a lull enough to sleep in the next hours I should just let you sleep till the world explodes in a fireball and a inter-dimentional leperchaun appears and starts dancing a jig on the remains.- Well, he has quite an imagination doesn't he?

I walk over to the center and look at the computer.... if we were going to leave, this and almost everything else would be left behind... da**. I wake then unlock the computer before trying to raise people on DA and other sites... Nothing.

-What did you expect? Most will have evacuated by now.-

-What makes you think they are all being evac'ed?-

-Gov always try something and that seems to be most reasonable decision.-

-Yeah, but the question is to where will they be evacuated to?-

He was silent as I shut the computer down and head downstairs and see marcus still passed out on the floor and I didn't see dad outside. I shrug and head into the kitchen, dad could take care of himself, espicialy now that he was an dragon that was over 40 feet long. I search the fridge and don't see much left, and much of what was here last night wasn't... guess someone got a wee bit of the munchies. I shut the fridge and turn to the packed  bags sitting on the floor, why not? I pull out four cans of fruit, two were sliced peaches and another was mandarin oranges, the last can was filled with... wait, I pick up the can and inspect it more closely... there was a slight bulge on the top and bottom... botchalism. I toss the can and check the other three before consuming them, juice and all. I hear the shower stop and about a minute later Jessica comes in...

"What's to eat?"

I point to the pantry "Take a look. Also who raided the fridge last night?"
She opens the door and starts looking through whatever was in there "Marcus, and I think your mom too." Hmph, wonder which one ate my 100grand candybar stash, cause I planned on taking those with me. Jessica pulls out sever packets of ramen noodles... forgot about those.

"How many of those packets are left?"

"One, why?"

"Is there another flavor besides beef?"

"Yeah, chicken-"

"Give me the beef and get the chicken." When I'm hungry... and there's nothing else, beef ramen, nuff' said.
Maybe she saw the look in my eyes 'cause she didn't argue. A few minutes later I pull a steaming, giant bowl of ramen from the microwave and drain it in the sink, I add all the little flavor packets and stir it up, Jessica had taken and made enough for two bowls like mine, guess she was making one for Marcus.

-Eating instant ramen while the world ends, genius... are you kidding me! We should be getting the hell out, instead of this!-

-We need to know whrere to go first, plus we need for dad to get back first...-

-We should find out about our friends, since we're waiting for everything to come crashing down.-

I put down the half empty bowl of ramen and feel stupified... how could I forget! I walk upstairs as Marcus started stirring. I pull my phone off of the endtable and speed dial Alex.

*Ring Ring*
*Ring Ring*

"Hello?" He sounded like he just got up.

"Alex, how are you doing?"

"It's six in the morning, how do you think i'm doing?"

"Oh, I don't know, I just thought I'd check up on my friends during the end of the world. Speaking of which, I was wondering if anyone else has been attacked by psychos lately." That woke him up.

"Wait, you've been attacked?"

"Yep, along with Marcus and his family."

"D***, everyone alright?"

"No, they lost their parents, and his sis got hurt pretty bad... she's alright but getting shot isn't fun, anyway I'm fine. So again, how are you doing?"

"Man that sucks... anyway i'm fine." I wasn't fooled...

"You're over with Kate aren't you?" I say with a calm tone.

"How the..."

"There is a reason I sent you that text Alex, looks like I was right... You should come across the street before some of the freaks get show up... it's way to quiet for the end of the world and I'm starting to worry that somethings about to happen." I say as I walk downstairs, They had the tv going, it was on the emergency broadcast.

{All dragons in the states surrounding Texas are REQUIRED to evacuate towards Dallas to be processed and protected from infected...} F*****d we are... Dallas was a good 7 hour flight from here.

-WRONG! It's a 9 hours HARD flight, we need to go, soon.-

-Wait for dad and others first.-

-Yeah, yeah.-

"Hey shane?"


"Can you call Ty?"

"I haven't tried... besides I don't think he has a phone with him."

-Forget about his house?- Hated it when he pointed out thing like that.

"Well, he's got a phone, the number is ****-****." That's odd, having four digits for both."

"This his new toy?"

"You could say that... anyway we'll be over in a minute, try and call Ty."

"Alright." I hang up and dial that four digit number. It picks up on the first ring.

"Ello, you have reached Tyler... leave a message afte-"

"You can stop now Ty."

"Man... i thought I could convince you. So how's life treating you?"

-That a first, "how's life treating you?"- He gets annoying when he can mock in perfect mimicry.

"Oh nothing much, just that Marcus's remaining family is staying over, Alex and his girlfriend are coming over also, with the virus seemingly causing everyone to dissapear I thought it a good time to check up on everybody. Anyway I turn this question back around upon you, how are YOU doing?"
He was silent for a moment before replying "Sounds like you have a party going on over there, well we're fine... mostly. Have you got room for another three?"

"First you explain the "mostly" part."

"Well, would you like the dumbed down version, or the full story?"

"Dumbed down version."

"Hmph, well when my dad found out my mom was going to take the vial he... um, well he got pissed, ranted for about thirty minutes before taking off, haven't seen hide or hair of him since."

"Almost seems like that would 'appen doesn't it? Any way head over, just be careful, some dragons have been shot down and they are setting traps, might need to avoid all parks too, for good measure... wait, what about your mom, how is she?"

"Fine, considering that the vial didn't turn her into a jibbering psychopath... Oh she's also a... a... what do you call those furry dragons?"


"Yeah, she's a light blue flammie. We're already on the way. See ya in a bit, bye"
He hangs up as Alex and Kate walk through the front door... oh, the door fell of it's hinges and landed with a thud on the floor.

"Do i have to ask?"

"Nope, the doors suffered much abuse... we won't need it anyway."

"So did ya get a hold of Ty?" as kate went over and started talking with Jessica.

"Yeah, him and his family should be over soon..." Then in an lower tone that only we could hear "How's Kate doing, last I saw..."

"She's fine, we buried her mom in the backyard and we talked for most of the day, it hurt her pretty bad... but i think she'll pull through, but it'll leave scars."

"Always does..." I say as I return to my normal voice. "Anything else besides the EBC?"

"Nope, it'ssss thissss on everything." Marcus says as he turns off the tv and picks up his almost empty bowl of ramen. Mom decides to to wake up and head downstairs at that moment...

"Mom, did you eat my 100 grands last night?" I see marcus choke out of the corner of my eye... gotcha!

"No, why are you asking?"

"Because I wanted a way to indirectly find out who did it... Marcus."

"Sssssorry! I thought-"

"It's alright man, but you owe me for those when we get out of this."

"And here i wasss thinking that you were going to give me hell over it." There was many hilarious responses I could have used but... I didn't feel like it.

-And that's why we be different Shane, you don't feel like doing much... I feel like doing everything.-

-Define everything... wait rhetorical question! So just let this go... I don't feel like arguing with you...-

-Cause i'm right, and you just reaffirmed it.- He just loved dragging things out.

I was standing there watching everyone talk, and my mom was in the kitchen no doubt raiding either the pan... nope definitely the packed food cans. I was still as a statue with my eyes closed as I thought something VERY paranoid...

-Shane, that is one of the most scariest things i have ever read from your mind... go and check.-

Nobody noticed as I slipped outside through the front door, even as an 7 foot tall dragon I was still able to do that...

-Well, that's a good thing in this case. Get moving!-
I run into the street and takeoff, I spiral higher into the air where I could see the city... yep I was right.

-Suprising, I thought that all humans were infected by now.-

-They just might be...-

I could see military vehicles swarming through the city along with AH-1Z attack helicopters and a few chinhooks, I didn't hear exploslosions or gunfire though... odd. I could see a baracade/checkpoint set up maybe three miles out on the freeway to the east... the most populated area due to the apartment blocks and incidently the downtown area was also there. I could see a crowd forming around the blockade, and it was big, maybe most of that area's population was there... hmmm.

-You thinking what I am?-

-Yeah... this isn't good.-

-Firebomb the city perhaps?-

-No, we would be seeing barracades to... yep they're there.-  The "barracade" was made up of hummvees and tanks that were patrolling the city limits, the forest that bordered the southwest was burning, it was still in the process of catching but I could bet that some military guy ordered it torched so no one could sneak out that way.

-This means we have to leave NOW!-

-Right, stil waiting fo-

-Sometimes it's better to stop waiting and assume the worst than waiting for a da** napalm bomb to incinerate your a**!-

-Well, f**k off cause it looks like I won't have to wait much longer.- I could see two forms in the distance, one big, and one smaller... if that was Tyler, then where was the third member of his family? I enter a steep dive towards the house... shouldn't my fear of heights be kicking in now?

-Congratulations! You've conquored heights, you should probably be grateful... and pull UP! I snap back into reality, s**t! I flip and pull into a hard back wing, the force pulled on my wings hard and pain rockets up my wings, ow ow ow! I land in the backyard and open the door to see very suprised faces staring back at me.

"Didn't know I was gone did you?"

"I did." mom says from the recliner.

"You I understand 'cause you always have an eye out for me, everyone else besides Ty doesn't know how I can phaze out of groups... oh and speaking of Ty, He's here." I say as he lands in the backyard. A gold drake hops of off tylers back and I make it out to be Tyler's sis, Sarah. She had on blue jeans and a pink t-shirt that said "This is the part where i nod my head and pretend i'm listening." Her eyes were turqouise and there was webbed ears with a gold membrane along with a "mohawk" of spikes that ran low and slanted from her snout to her back, where it ran down all the way to her tail tip, where it edged off into a  spike. also there was short mane that ran to the back of her neck that was white in color. His mom was indeed a light blue flammie, four wings and all.

"Glad you could join the party Ty, Now we are only short one."

"Yeah... short one?"

"My dad, he hasn't come back from wherever it is he went off to." And this concerned me. Sarah and her mom went into the house, though as sarah passed me I could see the depression in her eyes but that was before she shot me a sideways glare... looks like she's still got grudges.

-I would've let it go by now but she, she's going to hate you for a long time.-

-You would've let it go... after you throw me into a ravine and toss a grenade after me.-

-Heh, right 'bout that. Still, crashing her car isn't something i'd hold for over a year."

-You and I already know it was that d*** kid driving the GMC sierra that ran us off the road! I't just stresses the importance to not drink, drive, and text.-

-Suuuurre, stresses the importance, but they do it anyway...-

I look up and see Tyler inspecting the blade cuts on the ground left from my dad's arm blades.

"Wondering what caused those huh?"

"I think I already know..." He looks off into the distance.

-Welp, looks like we can leave now.- Dad was approaching in a slight glide, and he should be here in maybe two minutes.

"Is that?"

"Yep, that be my dad."

He pulls up and lands in the backyard, taking out even more of the fence with the mace on his tail so that he could have room.

"You brought everyone over didn't you?" He asks as he cranes his neck to stare at everyone inside, everyone who hadn't seen my dad before stared back...

"Of course, were about to leave for Dallas so why not have us all go at once... I may not believe in the saftey in numbers thing, but it's still better than just three of us going it alone."

"Hold on..." I walk over to the open window, "Hey, everyone get out here, we got something to talk about."

"What is it?" Sarah says with underlying venom as they head outside, Marcus almost got stuck on the door but managed to fit through with a bit o' wiggling, good thing he didn't have to go back inside after this.

"Well I think that we need to get the f*** out of here before the military firebombs our a**, that good enough?" I see Kate's, Mom's, and Alex's eyes widen at this along with Sarah's.

"But they can't jus-"

"Don't, just don't say they can't do it, they're already getting out most of the humans out of town and they already have a perimeter set up. Once they get everything clear... boom, got it? I know military, if they can't contain, the are sure as hell going to kill it, burn it, and nuke it."

"Hmph, were are we going anyway?" Dad says, I was waiting for this.

"Well, if your were here you would've known about the broadcast to head to Dallas... speaking of which, where were you?" He seemed to get a bit uncomfortable... curious to what he was doing? So was I.

"Well, i got hungry so i kind of... wait, why do i have to explain where i've been!? Let's just go and forget about this."

-Deer maybe?- Zael thought.

-I think it was more along the lines of cow... but I can't smell meat on his breath, so what had he been doing?-

-We may never know.- That's a shame because it was nawing at me.

"How do we get all the way to Dallas?" Sarah stupidly asked.

"Flying... we start here and go all the way to texas before resting." The problem was that we would be going directly over the city.

"Sad to be leaving all this, but..." That's when I notice his new toy...

"Is THAT what they gave you?!" It was strapped to his foreleg it was about two feet in
length and had a steel plate cover... painted the same color as his scales, he flicks it open with a claw to reveal a keyboard... all of the keys were steel plated on top with the letters/numbers clearly painted on, the screen showed a base windows seven screen... and there was a ton of "app" icons on the screen, Tyler moves his claw across the screen and the mouse follows... I was jealous.

"Heheh, like it? Phone, ipad, and computer all in one."

"We're going to talk about this when we reach Dallas."
He chuckled as he put the lid back down.

"Maybe if you two geeks could stop drooling over it we can leave. The sooner we can get to Dallas the sooner I can repair the tatters of my life. Also you should go and say hi to the other freaks while your at it." Sarah... da** that's it!

I whirl and advance on her until I was inches from her... I let out a deep growl and she backs up a full foot. "What? Suprised you actually pissed me off? Maybe if you could keep your da** attitude in check we could actually like each other, but no! One problem caused by another person and you blame me for it, you've this grudge for me that's lasted for over a year now... and I'm SICK OF IT! So cut the s*** and let it go... I'm tired, had several attempts on my f***ing life, an appetite that can clear a buffet and a damn voice in my head but you don't see me bi***ing about it!"

-Now you did it... way to lose your cool jacka**.- Man... did I just f*** up...

"What the hell do you mean "Voice in your head?" My dad and mom say at the same time...

"Uhhh that wasn't supposed to... s*** alright, I'll tell you..." And I do... mostly anyway, I left out the mindswap crap that happened... can't have them thinking that I wasn't in control.

-This is more negative towards me ya know.- I keep silent as my parents look at each other and the silent conversation as I take in the expressions of everyone around me, Tyler was suprised, Marcus had a poker-face going, Kate had pity in her eyes along with jessica, Alex had concern on his face and Sarah had a shocked expression... her mom stood by with a frown on her face. Pins and needles had hit hard on the back of my neck while I was waiting for them to say something, it took all my will not to reach back and scratch. Finaly my mom breaks their silence with...

"You should have told us, why didn't you?"

I sigh and reply with "Well, how would you feel about telling someone that you had a voice in your head that was not caused by insanity or drugs? Cause I felt like I was going to get a one-way ticket to a therapist or asylum. At least it's saved my life once and helped with almost everyone else."

-Ha! "Helped"? I just reminded you to freakin' call and check up on them… it wasn't me who tried to give emotional support to Kate, it wasn't me who about beat the sh** out of Steve, it wasn't even me who stepped out to wreak vengence upon the psychos who had attacked Jess and killed her parents… You seem to want me around, or maybe you just want to avoid being f***ing considered crazy by everyone… thanks at least for making me appear helpful.-

"You know that this is probably more or less would've been the weirdest thing hadn't we all been turned into dragons." Tyler said.

"Could be worse, but at least I can deal with it." I say… Dad decides to pop up at that moment with…

"You sure you can handle it?"

"Handle it? It's just a voice in my head, I'm not going to have a split personality disorder or anything." That pretty much convinced Tyler and dad, along with Jessica, who relaxed visibly.

"So why did you blow up on my daughter then!?" Sarah's mom all but yelled.

"Maybe it's because the stress of the fact that I had described earlier, or maybe it's the fact that there is psychopathic people running around and the general chaos…" sighing, I continue, "Maybe I've just finaly had enough, maybe… wait, you hear that?"

I turn as an F-35 roars overhead before we hear a resounding...


....come from the city.
"Now can we go!?" Marcus says as he streches his wings.

"Yeah.... Mom, help me get the packs, everyone else get ready to takeoff."
We run inside and I grab the duffels and while my mom carries the packs on her arms. We rush out and I hand one of the duffles to Kate, "Hold this." I widen the strap on the  other one and walk over to dad and pull the strap up "Move your midd.. third claw into this a grab a hold. He manages to do so without cutting the bag open and he gets a good grip on the bag.  Mom gave the backpacks tp the other winged anthros before tossing one to me. It managed to fit between my wings with a bit of strap readjustment.

"I'll lead, anyone disagree?" No one did. I take off from a running start and start hovering as I look back and see the others take off, Kate was with my dad and Sarah was on Tyler. I look over to the city and see the center of the city as a firey blaze, it wasn't big enough to cause serious damage but anything inside that area was extra-crispy.

-That must be an area that they cleared.-

-Captain Obvious? Shut up.-

"Thought it'd be bigger." Alex said from beside me. I look over and say...

"It will be when the actual squadron comes for what's left." I take off toward the east checkpoint I spotted earlier. We were flying through downtown when I hear gunshots and look down to see a drake down on the street. He was black and had five horns that ran back in a sort of crown, He was wearing battered tactical S.W.A.T armor and had a 12-gauge shotgun in his hands... sh**.

"Infected" were coming from everywhere and all where all focused on him... but he was making it clear that they where f***ed, he was shredding them left and right with blasts with his shotgun, one psycho comes up on him from behind and he fips up the shotgun, catches it by the barrel, spins, and slams it across the unlucky suckers face and he back kicks another one to the ground before blasting both them. He sees us and holds up the shotgun and waves it for a second before he starts reloading it.
Me and my dad see this I slow up to him "Well?"

"You go, we'll land at the building over there before I came back after you." He nods to the building at the edge of the city, it also happened to have a good view of the checkpoint... it was also not very far.

I glide down, the drake wasn't doing too good, he had downed at least twenty by now and he was running out of ammo, there was at least another ten coming at him.

-Time for me to be in control.-


-Switch now.- and I feel his mind try to swap with mine... I honored promises so... a jolt runs up my spine and I receed into his part of the mind. The jolt made him turn into a dive where he landed right beside the drake with a sharp backwing into a sprint, where he landed a vicous cross that spun one around where he landed a heavy kick to the small of the back, I hear the spine break and the guy crumples. The drake and turns with a cold look on his face... the look of rage and greiving.

"Didn't expect you here." That voice...

"Ray?" Zael says at the same time I think it.

"Didn't expect me either i take it? WATCH OUT!" He pushes Zale back as a molotov flies between the gap he created. He turns, pulls out a pistol and puts a bullet into the head of the one who threw it. He turns and starts dealing with a group behind us, leaving Zael to deal with the eight up front. I rushes forward with his wings open and uses them in a way similar to fan knives, cutting the throats of four before he chops one in the throat, kicks another's knee in before grabbing her and flips her over into the ground like a pile-driver, her neck snaps on contact and he turns to deal with the last two.

[6 down, two left...]

"Let's do this, ya punks!" He hops forward and kicks one in the chest, sending him flying back, he uses a flap from our wings to create some distance. The last guy circled with a steel bat, he was about to leap forward when the one he had kicked ran up behind him screaming just as the bat guy rushed. He turns and slams the screamer, breaking his jaw and spinning him around, he uses our tail and wraps it around the bat mid-swing, he rips it out of the guy's hands. He spins again, delivering a palm to the guy behind him's nose and simultaneously slamming the bat against the others skull. taking both out.

-Da**, your a bada**.-

-Not now, kill first, talk later.- He flips the bat into his hands before turning and...


Something slams into our chest and we fall back hard... ugghhh. We sit up despite the ringing in our ears up to see a smoking hole in our shirt, He rips it off... woah. A thin crack spread from our chest plates right in the middle of the right pectoral with blood streaming from the crack. He looks up to see a psycho with a smile on his face, holding a smoking 44. magnum...


That ground-shaking roar was followed by dad landing and taking the suprised gunman in his maw, shaking him enough to break most of his bones and tossing the body into a shop window. A group of at least fifteen bust from a sidestreet and rush us, dad rears back and delivered what I would thought would be a inferno, instead I see a grey haze decend upon the group... then the screaming began. Zael struggles to stand and watch, we couldn't see what was happening, but the tell-tale hiss made us both think that this was pure acid... even the concrete at the edge of the cloud was disintagrating from it.
I see Ray walked a few feet in front of me with the evil grin of vengance lighting up his features... what had he lost? He keeps staring until the mist dissapates, leaving a crater that had bones that were semi-eaten away by whatever the hell was in the mist.

"Ow, ow, ow, f***!" Zael tried moving our wings and a surge of pain hammered our chest.

-Fu**ing can't fly now... at least dad can give us a ride.- Zael is silent as he walks over to dad and says...

"Thanks, ow... stupid idea wasn't it?"

"Yes it was, you ended up shot because of it, I thought you were dead when you fell... let's go." He lowers his head and Zael manages to climb up and sit between the spikes, the left arm still covering the wound. We both look over to Ray.

"Climb on."

"No... i think i'll just keep paying them back until i go down..."

"Listen..." Zael says "If you want to keep paying them back..." He winces in pain before continuing "For years to come, come with us... I don't know what you've lost but i'm sure years of payback will be better than a few hours." He mulls it over by dropping his shotgun, pulling out his pistol and sliding a fresh clip in before putting a bullet in one sly psycho who was creeping out a shop door.
He sighs and jumps onto dad's back and settles farther down his back. He takes off and Zael gasps in pain from the jarring of the leap.

-Alright, we... can... switch back now...-

-That bad?-

-You have no f***ing idea.-

-I might in a few seconds." I feel him trying to switch and I go ahead with it, ignoring self-preservation... Ragghh! He wasn't kidding! I could feel the skin underneath the plates and it hurt just to breathe. We make it and to the flat-topped building where everyone was waiting.

"Shane why are you... oh my god!" My mom rushes forward as I dismount and almost colapse from the pain.

"Don't touch!" I say before she can get to me. I manage to get up and stumble forward before I almost collapse again, I sit instead, spread out my wings and lay down on my back.

"Son of a bi*** this hurts." Everyone, even Sarah was looking with genuine concern on their faces...

"What the hell did that to you?" Marcus says...

Ray dismounts and says "A round from a 44. mag at 5 meters is what. You'll have to bandage that you know."

I tried to chuckle, end up coughing, and just say "Just get it over with, the plates cracked and the skin underneath is broken from said plates..." I hiss in pain and continue "Splitting from that da** bullet." Mom grabs the duffel bag and pulls a med-kit out of it...

"You need to sit up." My mom says matter-of-factly.

I manage to sit up as mom pulls out a roll of bandages. She looks into the wound, which was still bleeding badly.

"We'll need to wrap these tight to help stop the bleeding and so that you can heal right."
She gets Alex to help and they start wrpping the bandages around my chest. I hiss as they tighten the bandages around the wound, again and again... soon I was patched up, bood stained the wounded area a little bit, but it seemed to slow a lot once the plates were pushed back together by the bandages.

"Oh god, somone get me some da** painkillers."

My mom grabs three of the little miracle workers and I pop all three. After a few minutes I feel like getting up and I do so and head over to watch the checkpoint. The four lanes were cut up with one allowing drakes to be seperated and passed through quickly, humans? one massive line, cars were abandoned in their rush to get to the checkpoint itself, which consisted of for machingunners aimed at the crowd, they were guarding some machine and three medics... every single military person had a full gas mask on, as most of the humans had done with makeshift objects, bandannas and such. People went in by threes and had blood drawn, and these were tested by that block of a machine, if the light on top flashed green, they were allowed through to the waiting dulies that would take them wherever the military wanted... but if it flashed red, they were sent to the edge, shot, and unceremoniously tossed over the edge to the massive pile of rotting bodies below.

"Makes you disgusted doesn't it?" Ray remarked as everyone saw what we where talking about, there was a lot of red coming from that machine... they watched as families were torn apart, or executed all at once, children were passed through without their parents. My mom was speechless, I could see everyone else, my dad and Marcus look with calm sadness, Sarah didn't look after seeing the first volly, Kate and Alex looked on with low-burning hate, and lastly Tyler, his mom, and Jessica where looking on in horror.

"Yes, it does... but there's little choice for them now isn't there?" I turn and walk to the other side... and try and spot any of the psychos that were so plentiful earlier... I wonder.



-You don't have built in zoom.-

-Still wouldn't hurt to try.-

I try and focus my eyes more and nothing, so I get a stupid idea and unfocus my eyes... what the...
Everything turned a shade of blue and distance just about became nothing, I jerk back and my vision returns to normal.

-That's weird... almost like...- Zael seems suprised, that doesn't seem to happen often.

-Try it again, only look at your dad.- I turn and look at him, what di... heh. I unfocus my eyes again and the world around my dad turns blue, but he lights up in yellow, orange, and red, in that order from outside in... Looks like I gots infared vision.

"Well that's a bonus." I say without meaning to.

"What is?" Jessica, who was standing closest to me said.

"Turns out I can see in infared." Startled reaction? Check, stares from others? Also check.

Tyler breaks the silence first "Well that, is, awsome!"

"Yeah, how do you do it?" Marcus asked.

"Unfocus my eyes, that's how." I get a painful chuckle as I see everyone try and do it... none of them could except my dad, who had a little smirk going that told me he knew about it already. I turn and scan the area again with my new IFRV and suddenly we didn't seem so alone anymore.

"Uhhh, guys? I think we should get going."

"Why?" Dad asked.



It was faint, but it still cut me off, I turn and see an attack heli topple in the midst of a fireball... then hell's gates opened. Hundreds of infected Began crawling out of the woodwork, almost literaly. They were all armed to some degree and were beginning their assault on the blockades. the roar of 50. cal machineguns broke through the screaming and hooting coming from the hoards. I see them start to fall like dominoes... but still it's not enough. I turn and see the checkpoint go on high alert... but they still were checking each and every individual for the virus...

-Those idiots are going to be massacred.-


-Think we should?-

-Awww f*** it, let's give it a shot.-

I try my wings and feel a slight strain on the wound, I slowly move them forward and back, and still till the pain seems to dull... Then while nobody was looking I lept of the edge and glided towards the checkpoint, A lot of the humans see me coming and you could see them get restless. I spy one soldier who seemed to be giving all the orders from the far left lane, I land next to him and he levels his rifle at my chest...

"Dragon, leave immediately." He said it in a cold voice... a young voice too...

-Great, sounds like he's 25.-

"There is at least a thousand infected heading your way... why aren't you leaving and getting the humans to saftey?"

"That is none of your concern dragon, now move before i plan-"
He was cut off by a radio transmission.

"Sir, blockades 2, 5, 9 and 12 have been overrun, requesting evac, Over"
He takes the radio and says "Negative, I repeat, negative on evac, Hold the line, how copy?"


He tries to hail them again with no succsess.

"You should be mak-"

"Shut it dragon!" He still has the rifle aimed at me as he hailed somone else.

"Red crown this is gatekeeper over."

"This is red crown, send transmission, over." Says the distinct voice of a woman.

"What is the ETA of black dawn? Over."

"This is red crown, ETA is thirty mikes, break, your orders are to hold position until bombers arrive over."

"Roger that." He looks back to me "Now do you see? We cannot lea-" A soldier who had been standing behind him ever since I landed suddenly slammed the stock of his M4 into the back of this guy's neck, he falls over unconcous and the other one looks at him before saying...

"Dumba**, this wasn't the person to command this op, had he kept going we would all be dead. This isn't like war, there is no way to suppress them, they don't quit either. At least you tried to talk sense into the man, but now that he's "incapacitated" we can start solving problems. There's a roadblock several miles ahead that we can do this at, but the dulies will leave with that tester, so it'll take a while to get these civies out of here... many more will be infected but still some is better than..." He grabs his radio.

"This is gatekeeper to all channels, corperal Mason has become unstable and has been releived of command, this is acting commander captain Chris Heller issuing orders to fall back to zero line, i repeat, fall back to zero line to form denfensive blockade. How copy?"

Only three confirmed...

He sighs and says "We need more time if we only have three squads to help with this defense, any chance your friends can help?" I turn and see a angry group of dragons land
beside me, most of the humans were about to break and run at the sight of them.

"What the hell do you think your doing?" My dad asks

"Trying to save lives?" was my reply.

"Trying to... you shouldn't even be going around with that wound. Sir, just what went on here?" He was eyeing the KO'ed officer on the ground.

He seemed a lot less soldiery than the other one because he said "Him? The difficulties of command seem to break many a man, including him. I'm going to get all the civies moving and set up several miles up the road, but we need to hold back the infected long enough to do so... which in this case may I ask you to help out?"

"Us?" Dad seemed generaly taken aback by the question.

"What could we do?" Asked my mom... always the philanthropist.

He eyes an ammo dump "I think I know of something."

While he tried explaining it I have a flashback.

When I was scanning the edge of town I saw a deisel truck at a convenience store with a petroleum tank...

-Now your even starting to think like me...-

"Hey!" I interrupt their little talk "Got any C4 and a also a detonator?"

Five minutes later me and Tyler where flying a broad path around to the truck.
The "infected" as the military called them, had turned on to the freeway and was advancing toward the blockade, the truck was behind said horde by about a block. We manage to go unseen, a rarity I'm sure, and land beside the tanker, I slap the C4 on the top and  back, I look in the truck to find the keys so that we could put it in neutral.

"SHANE INCOMING!" I look up to see a stray group rush us. I hop out of the cab as Tyler backhanded three out of five, the other two got far enough ahead to continue their rush at me I couldn't fight with this da** crack in my plates so I do the best option: breathe fire. I rear back and a let loose a torrent of white flame that incerates the last two while Tyler cuffs one and knocks him out, he breathes red fire and kills the last two. I keep looking till I spot the keys in the ignition... where I should have looked first. I just slip the truck into neutral while Tyler pushes from behind. As we clear out onto the street I see just how deep the military was in, I could see guns firing from the crowd that they were mowing down, and there seemed to be no end to them!

"Ty! Let's get this thing rollin!"

We start to gain speed and I sit on the edge of the seat with the door open, I steered us out of the way of abandoned cars and finaly the main group notices us... I start the truck, switch to 3rd gear and hit the gas. Tyler falls behind and I was now on my own. 25... 30... the speedomoter got higher and higher as I got closer to the horde. I hop out and take flight to a nearby building as several bullets cascade around me, I look back to see the truck plow into the group... click goes the detonator!.


I could feel the shockwave from here! Most of the immediate area was incenerated and well, most of the hoard was knocked down. This was the break the military needed and they manage to take down most of the mob now that it was more or less a sitting duck.
We take the long path around again and land next to Heller and everyone.
"HAHA! I havn't seen that kind of improvisation in a long time! We got most of the civies out and... I think that the bombers have arrived.

"Gatekeeper this is red crown, advise to fall back to secondary roadblock how copy?"

"Red crown this is gatekeeper, roger that."

He grabs hold of one of the only hummvees left and he tells us "You should head to dallas. This city is about to become ash on the wind. As he leaves I get dizzy and sway... several people rushed to keep me from falling.

"Shane, are you ok?

"Yeah I'm just... tired..." And that's when I do pass out.

Uggghhhh, where am I? I open my eyes, feeling miserable and see that I'm in a white hospital room. My intial confusion just gets amplified when I try and remember... for a while nothing happened, then it clicked and I remember what happened.
-Somebody tell me we are in Dallas at not some other place.- Zael groans, yeah, forgot about him also...

I was lying on my back, wings moved to the side to keep me from laying on them. I look down and see a fresh white bandage around my torso, they kept my jeans on and there was nobody else in the room. I just sit and count the tiles on the celing... I was about to go crazy from the stark whiteness and that humming coming from the flurecent lights when a dragon walked in. He was maybe 8 feet tall and wearing a doctor's coat, his scales where a dull gray and his eyes are blue with the expected draconic slit, three tails followed him and all but the middle one had spikes running down them which were gold in color.

"Sleep well?" He asked

"Maybe... how long?"

"2 days since you got here." That long?

"You know why?"

He just shrugs and says "Maybe it was blood loss combined with physical fatigue, You could have had a lot worse, you know... but one of the other doctors thinks that you passed out once the danger passed so that energy could be focused on your healing... go ahead take a look."

I cut the bandages and see a scar where the crack used to be, it was lighter in color and I felt fine when I rolled my shoulders.

"Oh and someone wants to see you after you eat..." He knocks on the door and a drake dressed in a MP uniform wheels in a cart of many breakfast foods "And he sends this with his compliments."

The MP goes out and waits by the door. "The guard there will take you to him when you ask." and he leaves. I turn and stare at the food...

-Whoo! look at this, it's a feast fit for a full-sized dragon!- He wasn't wrong, there was enough for three of me... there was waffles, fruit ranging from banannas to apples, and bacon and eggs n' sausage, there was even a few parfaits along with two glasses of orange juice. Hunger wins out over curiosity and I start eating, the meats went first followed by fruits... about ten minutes later I lean back as I observe all that I ate, which happened to be three-fourths of the entire cart. The meal energized me and I felt alive! I hop off the bed with alot of excess energy. I walk over to the guard, who hadn't noticed me.

"So who want's to see me?" He about jumps from my sudden appearance.

"General Alexander does." He says it and motions for me to follow, we head up a multitude of stairs, at least three floors, before we exit and head down a line of what looked like makeshift offices. That's when I get the question , where are my parents and friends, I knew the MP wouldn't have any info on that so I was going to ask this general about it. We reach the end of the hallway and he knocks on the door...

"Come in." The MP opens the door for me and shuts it behind me. There was a brown dragon looking at several files on an oak desk, his horns were silver and there was three of them, his mane was black and ran close to his head and stopped at the base of his neck, his ears and wing membrane were honey in color and he was wearing military fatigues. He looks up and sees me, suddenly his serious disposition switches to that of someone greeting a guest during christmas, only with a pokerface instead of a smile.

"Hello, Shane... I take it you're wondering why I gave you a feast, top medical care, and asked you to see me, right?" I nod my head, he stands up and I get a better look at him. Scars ran across the left side of his face, and there was a single tail that had what looked like a battle axe that ran on it.

"One of my men, you met him in your city, recommended you to me, saying all these compliments about you and more... you might remember Captain Heller, correct?"

"Yeah I do, lot less soldiery, tall, and such?"

"Hmph, more or less. I want you to personaly tell me what actually happened because Heller has a bad habit of making good actions seeming like the second coming and bad actions seeming satanic."

"Where do you want me to start?"

"When Heller assumed command of the operation." I recount the events during that time and he stays silent and composed during the entire thing. When I was finsished he goes and walks over to a window, I couldn't see what he was looking at.

"Do you know why I sent you here?" He asked with a calm tone.

"Wasn't about Heller recommending me?"

"That's part of it, but you don't know half of the mess that we are in. Most of congress, including the president and vice were infected, I am the only general that has taken the vial, and most of the soldiers here are human and having to live outside the city in a makeshift base... We have almost no draconic, that the term correct? We have almost no draconic soldiers as the vials were confiscated from the military..."

He turns to me and says, "I need soldiers, very few here are qualified and this is a war... a war that is taking it's toll on humans, they have held up in most of the cities that they managed to get clear of dragons and kill these psychos before they can become a threat. Dragons are on our own here... those humans patrolling the border are deserting fast, and they will be pulled out the moment the walls are complete." I stay silent with the question "walls?" riging in my head.

"What you did, was what very few others did, you showed ingenuity and initiative, even while injured you helped them hold the line with that little car bomb of yours. I don't know what your thinking but i'm offering you a job... we need dragons who can go out, scout, rescue people and more."

-Didn't see this coming.-

-I did.- I reply

"What do I get in return?" It was question that I just felt that I had to say.
He seems suprised by the question "I thought you wouldn't know."

"Know about what?"

"We have disbanded currency and are rationing now, most of the economy works on the "Work for food and shelter" principle right now, luxuries are tight now and almost no one has them, we've put all these dragons to work building and reshaping the city, others are guarding and managing farms, streight to the point, this city will become a haven for dragons when it's done... but until then things will be rough. Your benfits for joining one of the squads i'm forming is ensuring that you and your family get lodging here, and extra boost to rations... and that's about it besides access to the armory for now."

-Not much choice is there?-


"Alright..." I sigh and continue "But first tell me where my friends and family are."
He suddenly loses all his tension, "I had the doctor send someone for them, they should be downstairs. I'll have an MP take you to your new place, and tomarrow he'll come and get you for training..." I turn to leave and he remembers something "Before you go... some scientists are building an "archive" of personal accounts. One of them want you to recall everything about what happened when the vials arrived onward and they are willing to give some extra stuff if your willing to do it."

"Sure... why not?"

He still had that pokerface going, "You'll get a recorder soon then."

I turn and walk toward the door.

-------1 month later ------

I lean away from the desk as I finish the audio recording, my neck was killing me and I was bored... which seemed to happen often nowadays. I turn and look around at the apartment that I had been living in for a while, the single bedroom had a new laptop laying on the king-sized matress. There was a kitchen to my left and the living room was a 32 inch TV and a couch... I was doing well, just like the city, things had stabilized and rationing was stil in place but now there was a resource exchange market, where you could trade "Currency" that was earned along with rations to buy manufactured goods like TVs and such. I look to the balcony and push open the doors, most of the city was remodeled now and all that was left was the city center, I look up towards my parent's penthouse, during the remodeling Marcus got to be an architect and he designed most of the living quarters for taurs and full dragons. There was hardly any cars on the street, considering that only drakes needed them, but most drakes believe it or not were crazy fast runners and they usually did that instead of using cars. I look down some more and see Jessica wave at me from the street I hop over the railing and backwing down to her.

"How's it going Jess?" We had been dating for most of my time here.

"Not bad..." She said, giving me a big hug. "What's new with you?"

I break from the hug "They keep us busy enough, train, mission, train, mission, but psycho attacks haven't happened in a while and there isn't really anyone causing any problems... suprisingly." And we walk off to the other parts of the city, with a sunrise just peeking over the horizon.
Story and all parts are (c) to me

*Exhales* Well heres the ending, I got up at three and finished this.

Lot happens here, and is set for even more that could happen... I'll allow epolouges and spin-offs, IF you let me know first.

I tried to be as realistic as possible (hard thing to do) for this story and thats why a lot of draconic stuff isn't in here (I miss my lightning!) anyway my next series will be EVOlution- a sci-fi story series/ If you want a better run down look on my journal.

Resemblance to dragons, living or dead is purely coincidential.
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