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Chapter Three:
Shane Smith:
You know, life is always filled with surprises, horrors, and shocks... sadly mine seem to always come when i'm out cold.

Melbourne, Australia, Terra - AEDT: 12:16pm, Saturday, 16th of October, 2010



I backroll off the table, wings crunching as I fall into a crouch at the head of the steel table. I stand to find a human looking at me with a bored expression on his face and somone else, I automaticaly think "Infected" and I rear back to deliver a burst of flame. I target the closest one, which was the boy, he realizes what I was about to do and raises his arm to cover his face. My flame rages out and clashes into a field that pops up out of nowhere as the other, who was a girl yells out his name "Blake!"... I stop the onslaught several seconds later. What in the hell was this? The field protecting him dissipates and he says "Didn't expect to be grilled in that kind of way." My jaw drops at the common dismissal at the fact that I just almost incinerated him... I note their eyes and see that the pupils are undialated... they aren't psychos! If my day could get any more messed up, questions filled my mind... but before I could get one out of my mouth...

-Here's a question, what the fuck is going on?-

The kid, Blake, raises his eyebrow before saying "That's what we were going to ask you." This gets a the same "WTH?" look on the girls face just as ours.

-What the?-

"Did you just read my mind?"

"Not sure, I think it was more of telepathy than mind-reading."

"Oookay, this is the w-" I get cut off by the sound of scuffling, I turn to see a psycho in a old military uniform struggling to get free from duct-tape that bound him to a pipe... We make eye-contact and I see the madness and rage in his eyes, I knew what I had to do. I start walking over to him and draw the kross blade, it had been modified with a brass-knuckle like guard and the handle had been widened so that I could effectively punch anyone unfortunate to get close enough without me stabbing my own hand... I stop when I see the other infected also tied up, I saw species that I had never seen before and some that I thought weren't real... and I could see that some were blooded, just by the way they were twitching, and the blood on their clothes just made me more sure that they had gotten dragon blood into their systems, making them much more dangerous.

"Why are these psychos alive?" I turn with a frown on my face. I see that a olive-green drake... no, much more muscle than a drake, and the skeletal structure was different. This drake had stepped up beside Blake and the girl... I notice that she had pointed ears... this day just keeps getting more and more out of the norm.

"Just because they're crazy, doesn't mean they deserve to die. Just means they need help." Blake says and it strikes a nerve with both me and Zael... but it struck Zael more, I could hear him growl in my mind, he had a hate of psychos that bordered on obsession, and he enjoyed every one's death, it hadn't always been as bad, but ever since the Arkansas raid he particularly strayed from the path to take as many down as he could. But both of us agreed, after twenty years that nothing could help them now. I flip the blade from the reverse-hand style I always use and point the tip at the tied up psychos.
"You think, they can get help? Twenty years and yet nothing has been found to "help" them. We have tried everything within our power and resources, but nothing worked, And even if it did, the memories they would have would put them in a psychiatric ward for the rest of their life. The longer they stay near you, the closer they get to killing you, they don't regard morals or family bonds! They revert to pure barbarism, horrors that only are supposed to exist in nightmares! The only damn cure for this virus is a bullet straight between the-"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Back-up to this virus!" Blake demands, and I snort... I look over and see the portal, looks like we aren't exactly in Texas any more. I focus and take a slow breath to calm down. The words put to describe the virus came back easily to my mind.
"Virus, discovered December 21, 2012 underneath a dragon fossil, became widespread February 1st 2013. The virus changes the natural chemistry of the brain in human hosts within two to four days, causing rage, psychosis, cannibalism, and pretty much everything you might have already seen, and more. This virus is short-air transmission with an 100% infection rate at 5 meters. What else...?" I think for a second, before continuing.
"Only way to prevent infection was to drink a supercharged version of the virus that turned me and over 3 billion into what I am today, with slight variations... oh we didn't know it at the time, but it also turned us into carriers of the virus." I expect the reaction of shock, surprise, ect. But before the information could sink in I hear a ripping sound as the psycho in a military uniform gets free from the duck-tape and rushes me, I see the glint of a pocket knife as he closes in, then a blast of light catches him in the thigh and he goes down, sliding the last few feet out-cold. I resist the urge to curb-stomp his head in and look back to see Blake holstering a gun. I kick the psycho to make sure he's out... and he was, plus one for futuristic stun-gun, you usually had to beat them an inch within their lives to KO them.

"Korarian, Jamie, get the nanoshots." The one I mark as Korarian grabs a bag and pulls out two well, injection needles. He hands one to the Jamie before injecting himself with it, I see Blake grab his phone and hold it up to his ear, I was surprised it looked like a normal iphone, he gets into a conversation with somebody, but I ignore it and look for my guns, I spot them and jog over and pick them up, run through a small check of the clip and slide and holster them, I suddenly felt a bit safer... I still needed my plate carrier though, and it was over on the table I woke up on. I walk back, eyeing the psychos that were tied up... it was just a matter of time...

I get to the table and shrug on the familiar black and sleeveless plate carrier, shrugging my wing through before zipping up the front. I strap on the shoulder guard and make sure it's tight along with strapping the sword back onto my back. I hear Korarian approach from behind me before he asks...

"Is it really as bad as you described it?"

I turn towards him "For the infected it is, For dragons and the uninfected humans life is actually pretty good... unless you are banned from the cities of course." I needed something to keep my mind of the situation at hand and talking about the city would help. "Work and you get food and room for no charge, and earn towards "Luxury resources" that you can get to improve your life... it's one of the few systems that I have seen that have actually-" I get cut off as Blake hits something on the wall and a fire-alarm starts ringing, making me palm my ears, because it was LOUD.

-Why did he trigger the damn fire-alarm!?- Apparently Blake hears this and he shouts over the siren.

"Get the rest of the people out of here, we don't want the virus getting them do we!?"

"What about the fire department? They will search this place floor by floo-"

"They will be held back, the CDC's on it's way."

I get that deep emptiness in your gut that pretty much says "Uh oh.” My ears adjust and I can stop covering my ears. My expression must have given what I felt away because Blake says...

"Don't like the CDC do you?" He says it bluntly.

"If you saw what the CDC in my world did... you would too, or for a better statement, you would fear them... and I am the carrier for a highly infectious disease, so what do you expect my reaction to be if the CDC comes a callin'?"

"About that, didn't you say that the virus takes at least two days to take effect? Because this portal hasn't been open for more than six hours."

-Well, this just makes things worse.-

I start my pacing, with Blake close behind as I mutter.
"Virus, possible mutant strain... still needs air-transmit... portal? Possibly, but would still need the carrier though... Were there...?"

“No, there was one, but he was from our side so it couldn't have been him."

I stop and look at him "Wrong, he could have came through and back..." I pause and sigh before continuing "Besides... wait, you hear that?" He nods and draws that gun again, I just keep my knife at the ready. We focus in on it... like someone panting, it was over near the portal, behind a row of machines, but before we can get over there we see someone stumble out from their cover, it was like one of the ones I found in the sewers, blue skin and hoofed, but it was a girl, and she looked to be in bad shape as she tried to make her way towards us, Blake lowers his gun, but I keep my knife close, I had seen psychos manage to pull this trick off, act injured and attack when they get close enough... I adjust my sight in the dark lighting and focus on the eyes, no dilated pupil, and she wasn't twitching, which is a good sign that she may be one of the few not insane, so I sheath the knife... but then I notice that there was what looked like... slime? Covering her, that… honestly it was just disgusting.

She collapses about halfway to us and Blake rushes over, Me? I take slow strides… I knew one thing, this shouldn’t happen, even for a messed up day like this. I can hear her start muttering as Blake gets over to her, I get close enough to hear that she was speaking in a different language…

“What is-“

Blake cuts me off with a raised finger, even with his back turned to me I could tell he had a deep frown on his face. Korarian and Jamie get up beside me and also start listening to what she was saying… either they understood her or they had some kind of translator… I hated being in the dark… but it looked like I had something else to occupy my time, because some of the infected were waking up.

“Hey, psychotic killers are beginning to wake up.” I say as one of the blooded groan…which I homed in on to see it emit from a werewolf. I walk over and cuff him where I guess the temple would be, he goes off to dreamland again. I look back to see Korarian over by the girl, talking with Blake in a low voice, I was able to make out “Teleport” and “atom destabilisation” from their conversation and it seemed like nothing could be done, yet the girl was still… oh shit.

-That’s a horrible way to die.- The girl had liquefied, literally into just a ton of that slime that she had been coated with. I look around and find Jamie KOing some of the infected that were showing signs of being awake, I was glad most were still asleep.
“What did she say?” I ask Blake, but before he can answer I hear the familiar blast of a spaz-12 shotgun, more in particular the one that belonged to Tomas! I look over to see him leap backwards out of the portal, blasting one unfortunate psycho that leapt after him to shreds. He skids across the floor, cuts coating his body and leaving a smear of blood on the floor… I could hear more infected coming.

-Looks like the party has arrived, Tomas won’t last long, get over there!-

I start to his aid, but then I hear Blake hiss in pain, I look and see him looking at the slime on his hands for a minute before rushing to what I guess was a chem spill washing station, which he starts getting the slime off of his hands, maybe the mess was acidic, maybe something else, whatever it was he wanted it off as fast as possible. I dash before sliding in-front of Tomas and taking the leg out on an infected who was trying to get to him, he had dropped the shotgun and had started to get hand-to-hand with two infected, he was holding his own. I pull my knife and punch the one I downed, breaking his nose and knocking him out. I grab another who comes up and toss him across the room. I hear the shatter of glass and see Blake toss a Molotov cocktail into the portal, one after another and blocking off all but three, who dived through the flames, and rushed out of the portal, Korarian’s and Jamie’s shots miss as the three dodged, and rolled out of the way. Jamie shouts something and lightning arches out and strikes down two of the three, which go flying, the third one rushes up and tries a flurry of blows, several kicks and a few punches… was this guy a martial artist? I block the blows and on one snap-kick I manage to knock him off balance by shoving his leg away and I draw back my knife-wielding hand and deliver a haymaker to his face, sending him flying back with a broken nose, but he hops up right away just like a blooded would, only less insane… which put me off but I wasn’t going to let that stop me. I kick his knee in with a sickening crunch and grab him by the throat before slamming him into the ground, he was definitely out. But before I could get back up, someone drives their foot across my face, sending me rolling across the ground. I felt the rage coming on as Zael took control… I look up and see the guy in the military uniform rush to try and hit me again, there was only one fact needed to know…
Zael was enraged…
Weekly submision of collab, part three

part one:[link]

Part two:[link]
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