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Chapter 4- Rebirth

The first thing I was aware of was the desperate need for air, lungs burning for it. I gasp in air while in complete darkness. I lay there breathing for minutes at least, until my breathing had stabilized. The darkness had started lifting as the sun rose, casting rays of light through the windows.

I was aware of something at the inner corner of my eyes, all I knew at the time was that it was black. It wasn't until I tried moving that I realized it was attached to me. So the instinct was right. I got turned into a dragon...  This was what I thought as the sun really started to put light into the room.

I felt numb at this realization that I became a dragon, I figured I should feel happy, or at least slightly shocked. Instead I just sat up, taking stock of the changes that occurred. The remains of my clothes sat around me, like I figured, since I went through a rather large change in size, at least growing another foot and maybe a couple inches. I looked at the scales on my arm next, midnight black and saw-toothed on the bottom edge, while the top was rounded, kind of like a shield but not quite. I looked to my right then and saw my tail, plain black with no extras, except for the three or four midnight blue scales on each side of the tip set in a perfect line.

I took a second then to try and move the tail, which was as easy as moving an arm, which was about as similar to what it felt like, minus the restrictions an elbow would have. I curled the tip to see if I was right, the tail was prehensile, being able to wrap around things and such that could be done with a hand or arm. I actually smile a bit at that, as thoughts flashed through my mind on how close it came to what I my envisioned dragon self, not to mention a direct opposite of the instinct that was in my head.

A few things were different however, such as the W-shaped scutes, colored with midnight blue yet with the common star-burst pattern of gray in the dead center of the chest. These scutes slightly overlapped each other to keep full coverage and the scutes also started just below the neck and went all the way down between the legs.

“Well, my life just got interesting.” My voice had changed as well, it was a bit deeper, with a barely noticeable rumble, other than that it was still mine, deep, a hint of Texas southern accent, and still sounded in monotone.

This is going to be hard to explain to... oh. I realized then that everyone had gone, they all left really early in the morning, my cousin at four AM, while my uncle and aunt an hour later. Light was coming through the windows so it must have been six or later... it made sense that they would miss me on their way out, since the living room remained mostly dark when they left if I had the computer off. Speaking of computers... I reached over and tap the power button on my PC with an obsidian-colored claw.

The old machine whirred to life, it sounded a bit louder to me, which I marked down to draconic hearing. I could hear the little fan whir in protest just as I moved to stand. It wasn't hard, my feet were digigrade like I thought, having three large toes tipped with talons. It was a bit like walking on tip-toe with a human plantigrade foot, minus the pressure that comes with it.

I tapped the on button for my 19- inch monitor and the screen flickered to life in under a second, showing the standard windows 7 login screen. I grab the nearby keyboard then and swiftly type in my password, noting the little pock-marks my claws made in the cheap plastic. My home screen popped up, a tribal dragon outlined in yellow on a slightly smoky, yet metallic background. It was a picture that I had found, then altered the colors with photoshop to be more appealing to the eye, and also add more variety to the background slideshow. Skype popped up like it normally did, but I leave the sign at 'offline' as I head into the bathroom to see the rest of the changes.

The only mirror was on the medicine cabinet, but it was large and sectioned into three sets, allowing a full-round view if you positioned them right. I left them flat and stared as my draconic image stared back. The most stand-out detail was my eyes, a vibrant orange with the predicted draconic slit of a pupil. The other details filled out, ivory horns projected from the top of my skull, going back in a slight arch, before switching that up near the tip and pointing upwards... it seemed like all in all a rough foot in length. Other details included the pointed ears, along with a pair fangs that just barely peeked out from under my lips... somehow when I saw the fangs I knew they had poison in them. Must have been some of the instinct that managed to bleed in...

Next up for inspection had been the wings, back then they had hung low, listless really. However they were draconic in all aspects, to that I was disappointed,  since I rather liked avian wings, The wings themselves were the same color of the scales, and the membrane was an even darker black, as if all the light around them had been drawn in and extinguished. The wings were razor edged at the ends of the 'fingers' of the wing, making them dangerous if moved in the right way. I concentrated on the new additions to my back and they lift higher and pressed closer to my back, I found out that it didn't take much thought to keep them there, yet they still drooped a little.

The last detail picked out was the muzzle, the best way I could describe the shape of the muzzle was as a rounded triangle, the bottom wider than the top. The eyes could still see straight ahead, but there was a blind spot at my chin, but I happened to ignore that and walk back out to my computer.

I took a drink of water from a metal bottle that I always kept on the glass coffee table, the drink didn't go as planned, since I bashed the bottle against my muzzle. A small curse later I get it right and managed to get some cold water into my maw, which only served to awaken my hunger. I hold of the growling of my stomach and grab my little office chair, swinging it around so that the backrest was against my chest as I straddled the chair, I figured it was better for the wings this way. I decide to close Skype for two reasons, one being that the one person I talked to would probably be offline by now, and two being that a sense of wanting to be isolated for a while crept in. I almost brought it back up and changed my status to online but...

I opened up internet explorer and my music player instead. MSN showed up on IE a and the first thing I look at is the news after starting my music playist with some Nirvana. The news showed just the usual celebrity drama and boring events, until I get to the fourth section...

Dragon sighting

Below the title was a fuzzy image, but it still caught my attention. I opened the article in a new tab while checking the rest of the news, and found nothing else interesting. I switch MSN over to my DA homepage to check messages, while reading the article.

The article itself told about some red dragon sighted Illinois and how these reports were being confirmed. I close the link with a huff... thinking that people didn't know to post things until after finding all the facts. DA hadn't given me many messages and so I quickly read them, and open in new tabs the two stories that came from people I watched.


Time passed as I ran through everything I could, multitasking to the point of frenzy like I normally did, with no new news over the red dragon, and soon enough it was around eight A.M. I had decided against school for that day, as something bad most likely would have happened. I thought nothing interesting was going to happen over the next few hours, I was wrong... VERY wrong.

Someone knocks on the door, rather hard, but it's the voice that really made my head snap up... because it had a hiss in it.



I wake up to the sound of music, a a metal band I recognized as Breaking Benjamin, and someone was matching the song's lyrics word for word and in perfect pitch.

♫ Put me to sleep, evil angel! Open your wings evil angel! ♫

The singing was good, but it still made my pounding headache worse.

“Oi! Turn down the music.” I groan as I open my eyes, and find the pale guy who was around the last time I was concious. He clicks his phone off, and shoves his hands in his pockets.

“Oh hey, you're awake, good. Was wondering if you'd ever get the chance to tell us.”

“Tell you what?” I ask, off guard by the last sentence.

He smirks “Tell us, more specifically me, how you managed to piss off just about everyone in the U.S.”
Okay, part four here, where I mostly take stock of the changes. And I regain concousness.

Story is (c) to me, :icondarkdrake0:

If you are new to the story, here's the first three chapters. [link]
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Komyeta Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well that was very nice to read, wicked at parts(I mean the chapter 3) but very interesting filled with sharp turns and mistery(the dreams), and you write pretty good too, I like it, waiting for part 5! :D

lol the last part :XD: priceless
Darkdrake0 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Good to know that I have stepped it up some in regards to my writing. :)

Chapter five is out as of now, so no more waiting.
Rekalnus Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I want the power to offend a nation! Tell us! muahahahahah.

Good progress, looking forward to 5.
Darkdrake0 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I shall keep that secret, 'till comes the next chapter, muhaha *cough, cough* Sorry, *cough* evil laugh out of commission.
bunnyman14 Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Pissing off half a billion people is pretty damn hard! Besides, I wouldn't mind dragons being real, except the ones that try to kill people for absoltley no reason.>.> Besides, that's why Dragon type Pokemon are my favorite type.
Drakeagle Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
ok that ending was odd but good. Im with the guy. how did you piss off EVERYONE in the U.S? is that even possible?
Darkdrake0 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Technically it is possible to PO everyone in the U.S. Just not singlehandedly.
Drakeagle Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
ah true
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