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Chapter 3- An interesting chat.

Myriad scenes flew through through my sight, most dark, alien, and confusing. I could hear random voices, low and just as mysterious as the visions. A roar ripped through the din of the voices and the swarm of images sped up along with the voices, making it almost unbearable.

Then one voice says clear and loud “Wake!” everything went black.

I was aware of the wind, the rustling sound of grass, and my own breathing. Once I opened my eyes I saw an overgrown field of grass. I push myself up onto my knees and see what lay around me. Everything was clear and vibrant, from the grass to the occasional tree, to the city that sat in the distance. There were other areas, a sea could be seen to my right, and a desert  went on behind me.

I stand, noting that I had my AE jacket on... didn't I take that off before...? Then I remember falling to the ground and passing out.

“What is going on?” I ask to thin air, but theories start to crop up, most insane or crazy, like I was actually dead or in a coma. The more improbable ones creep into my head, but I ignore them and start walking.

I keep going, taking in the environment as I closed in on the city. Eventually I stop when I noticed something odd. A crystal stabbed up from the earth, the crystal was multicolored and easily outsized a two-story house. As I watched it cracked and fell apart, covering the ground near it like a layer of snow.

“That was weird.”

“Of course it is. This entire place is weird.” I hear the voice behind me and whirl, I expected to meet a face, but instead I end up staring into the chest of a white dragon. I blink a couple times, then look upwards to see the dragon looking down at me with four ice-blue eyes.

“Consider me slightly surprised.” I said this while taking several steps back to get a better view of him. Besides the white colors he had four horns, two on each side of his head curving backward, there was no spikes of any kind. His ears were pointed and he had the three toes on the hind legs, four claw forearm setup that went with most quadruped dragons.

“Only slightly?” He asks while lowering his head to just barely resting off the ground. I take a sitting position before I said “Not really surprised by things that don't normally show up anymore. Sure, you could surprise me with suddenness, but not by just oddity alone. Now my turn for a question. Explain where I am and who you are.”

“What makes you think I know any more than you do?”

“Nothing does, but I’m still asking.” Something familiar about this dragon edged on my mind, yet I couldn't figure it out at the time.

“So I still have to answer. You already know both of those questions, but your mind hasn't given any hints... but to put it bluntly, you are in your own mind.” I raised my eyebrow at this “My mind? But I haven't seen-” The dragon points off toward the city, and I followed his gaze to see storm clouds hovering over the city, dumping torrential rain and the occasional lightning strike onto the city. “Okay, it is my mind. But normally isn't this place confusing and insane?”

“It is, but your subconscious is occupied right now, resulting in this place.”

I tilted my head quizzically and asked him “What is my subconscious occupied with?”

“With the changes that are being made to it, and well, me.”

I went into serious mode then “What are you doing to my mind?”

“It's actually the other way around, what is your mind doing to me?” He said it all while looking deadpan at me.

“How the hell do I know what my mind is doing to yo... you know more than you're saying. Tell me it all before-”

“Before what? Are you going to hit me? That might hurt, the hundredth time you tried it.”

I frowned and imagined something. A crystal spike shot from the ground not a foot from his muzzle. I smirk “This is my mind, the one place I have absolute control over right now. I could tear this world out from under you if I wanted, so tell me what is going on before I do so.”

He shrugged his massive shoulders “No real use in keeping it a secret. I'm being torn apart by your subconscious, even now i'm becoming a tiny part of you as the other changes outside your mind work their way in.” I summoned another spike closer to his muzzle, causing him to jump. “Go on.” I said this while racking through thoughts and guesses.

“If you haven't guessed it yet, you're being turned into a dragon, and I was supposed to be the-”

I stood up so abruptly that both my knees popped “The draconic instinct that was supposed to take over my mind.” A bit of fire appeared on the ground around me, not consuming the grass, but still added a good effect. My mind was dragging things up now, all the thoughts, all the correct guesses. I remembered where I had seen this dragon before, from a dream I had a long time ago, and was the only time I had ever, in a dream, seen myself as a complete dragon, only back then it was anthro. He had stood up when the fire burst to life around me, when he stood up was when I had noticed that his form was becoming insubstantial, like an afterimage.

“If your here to take over my mind, then where's the hissing tone, the overdone evil acting? I expected at least something.”

I made yet another spike pop up, making him stumble backwards. He had gotten wide-eyed by now at my seemingly calm yet enraged temperament. He said to me while backing up further “I've already failed, as I said before your subconscious is killing me off bit by bit.”

A pit filled with fiery spikes opens up behind him “Then you wouldn't mind if I speed up that process?”  That's when I pull a spear out of thin air, made completely of electricity. I twirl it experimentally and smile.

“But there might be something you need, don't kill me!”

“Technically you weren't even alive to begin with. And by the way, there's only one occupant of this mind, and he decides what changes, not you or even his subconscious. I hurled the spear then, it making it's mark straight in the dragon's chest, but instead of a gory scene, a hole big enough for a car to go through is blasted through, the parts of the dragon blowing away in bursts of color. The rest of him rears back, clawing at the remnants of his chest.

“This is MY MIND!” I summoned a black dragon out of thin air right in front of him, just as big, that kicked the instinct down into the pit. The dragon's roar was cut off after a few seconds. I sit down on the grass as everything started to become fuzzy. Looking all around I saw a black wall swamping the once crystal clear details of my mind... it closing in on me. The last thought I had before the wave of blackness hit me was asking myself if I had really been turned into a dragon.
Next chapter in dragonized, where i get to see the inside of my own mind without the haze and confusion. I know, mental battle plot that's in a few dragon stories, but as another put it, with a fresh twist.

Stay tuned for chapter 4
Thanks for reading, opinions ect.

Dragonized is (c) to me :icondarkdrake0:
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CptWRogers Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2013
It's kind of confusing. To be honest. XD
flamefeniks Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2013
kinda weird , i expected atleast a fight from the dragon o.o anyway nice chap can't wait to see more ^^
Darkdrake0 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I would have too, but it seems that dragon wasn't anywhere near as powerful in my head as it should have been.

Next chapter will be up soon. :)
flamefeniks Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2013
ok ^^
Rekalnus Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Some transform' stories have this yin vs yan struggle for the mind, some do not. Often I find it interesting to cover and your version with metaphoric characters is fun. Somehow though I might have prodded the dragon for what he might call useful instincts before dispatching him, if that were me in the scenario.
Darkdrake0 Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, we all act differently. And he're a little something, you will find out later why I acted in the way that I did. ^^
Drakeagle Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
well that was interesting. the mind is such a strange place. fun but strange. you have no idea what can happen in mine...

good chapter!
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