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How is it that when you think everything has settled into a routine something changes to shatter all that you know? I may never know, but things always change right? Well I wasn't expecting the change that happened today.

It was a normal day, well not normal for me, wake up, get dressed and run around the base for morning exercise, but here's the difference, it was my ninteenth birthday, and I had taken off the next few days to do things... mainly just be lazy. But I get a phone call as I'm walking out after breakfast by someone that I didn't expect.

"Incoming call from: Shyren." Shyren? Hadn't heard from him in months. I accept the call and lobby outside.

"What's up Red?"

"Nothing much Shane, but happy birthday man."

"Thanks, So how's it going with you?"

"Got my job back and got the supervisor fired at the same time, I take it you're still in the airforce?"

I get sarcastic with him "No, I'm a mailroom clerk."

He barks a short laugh "Then you have seriously downgraded my friend. So are you free today?" And there it was.

"Today, tomarrow, and the day after... what have you got planned... or are planning?"

"Talked to the old group today, thinking about getting back together and doing something... but we don't know what it is yet." Ah, so that's what it was.

"Alright, hmm... haven't played paintball in a while, how about a local outing?"

"Hold on, that got rid of Corey and ninja Cody, everybody else is good though, which field you want to go to?" I think on it, there was only one official place we could go to... unless.

"You know where Pink is right?"

"Of course, it's only ten miles away, but there's no fields there."

"You're right, there isn't any, but a few miles down highway nine is one, there's also a Sonic that we can all meet at."

"That sounds... good, still need a time to meet though."
"One o' clock should work, the chill should have lessened and all you summer bugs can stop shivering. And before I go, do you still have my old gear?"

"Sure, it's sitting in my closet, We lost Jimmy on the time thing though, he was hoping it would be in the morning."

"Are you on facebook with them?"

"Yeah, still not using yours are you?"

"Nope, I only went on facebook for one thing, and I got bored of it fast enough, try skype or something else."

"Well, besides that see you at the Sonic?"

"I'll see you first Red. So see ya." I hang up after his goodbye, a little smirk lighting up my face, it was rare for me to get out and do anything with friends... mainly due to scheduling and such. I start to walk away and something glints in the corner of my eye, I look and see it was only the window, but my reflection showed clear enough, 5" 4' with short dark brown hair and a heavy five o' clock shadow, sad green eyes stared back at me, and everything else was clothes, the black cotton jacket and blue jeans, along with black steel-toed boots. I had nothing to do so getting outside base would be good. I walk back to the dorms and my room in specific, I grab my full head helmet, black with blue lines running up the back in parallel and stop at the visor. I walk out and slide the helmet on after walking up to my bike, the old Ducotti was a 2002 model, but it still looked good, blue with a black line running in a sear pattern across the body. I hop on and start her up, I let it warm up as I check the time... 7:42. I had a lot of time to burn. I drive out and head into the city.

I stop at an intersection as the light turned red, I feel someone get very close behind me and look to see a dodge charger, I hated it when people got this close, the biggest problem about riding a motorcycle, higher chance of being run over, hit, and just general wrecks... and it was almost always the other person. Then my day get's worse when a chevy camero pulls up beside me and the guy sits there with his window down blasting some rap sh**, not only that he was looking at me and revving his engine. I couldn't help but think "Is this guy serious?" Because it's just stupid what he's trying to do. He didn't notice a cop car pull up into a parking space on the right of the intersection behind a van, I could see the guy from here, eyeing us both with that "Make my day." frown on his face, his partner was texting... typical.

The guy makes a much bigger rev this time and I get an idea. I rev my engine twice while looking staight at the punk, he grins and looks back to the road... I rev my engine once more and wait for it... wait for it... aaannddd, the light turns green and he peels out, I just sit there laughing as the cops turn on their lights and go after him, I take a left at the intersection and head towards a gas station.

I fill my tank and sit outside the store, drinking a sobe tsunami. I felt unease creep
onto the back of my neck. I look around and see no-one paying attention to me, oh well... but the feeling kept on, it was almost like I was forgetting something that I was supposed to do. I check my phone for reminders... nothing. I scratch my chin and think before I realize my uncle. I could pay him a visit, he was the second nicest person I knew, and I owed him a debt for keeping me in his house right as the bad part of my life was ending. I pick his cell number out of my contacts and call him.

"Hello?" He sounded older, but life does that to you.

"Hi Mike, how's it going?"

"Shane! I haven't heard from you in a while."

"Well that's me, keeping off the grid. But if it's any consolation I haven't heard from you either. Are you off today?"

"No work has me running all but sunday... it's your birthday today isn't it?" I sigh and say yes.

I could hear him wince "Sorry, you were wanting to visit today i bet."

"Yeah, but are you off sunday?"

"No, monday's the only day i have off for the next few weeks."

I sigh "Maybe the next time I'm off then, bye."

"Alright, bye then." I hang up the phone dissapointed, wrok ran him ragged all day and it might end up like my grandfather, working till his body was too worn out to keep going. That took care of that... but why was the uneasyness still there?

I get back on the road and start driving, only when I make a left turn do I realize that I was driving towards somewhere else than what I had in mind, I correct and soon enough I find myself making that left turn again, I note the uneasy feeling getting weaker as I keep going down that road, something was wrong and it was starting to hit upon my mind, I keep going forward and find myself driving alongside a park, it was a nice one with trees and benches, some place I could wait a few hours in. I pull into the driveway and walk up into the park, I set my helmet down on the table and sit, pulling out my phone I check messages, none on mail, so I place my phone down and start playing some music, my U2 music playlist starts up and I start listening with my arms crossed over the table and my chin tucked under them, I start to reflect silently. The playlist ends right as somone enters the park, he drew my eyes for some reason, his black trenchcoat, gray OU hat and laptop tucked under his arm, he tips his hat to me when he passes by, I couldn't see his eyes behind the ray-ban's he wore, and he sat in the bench next to me and starts typing away on his laptop, never even granting me a second glance.

I shrug and get back to my phone, the annoying uneasy feeling continuing like a parasite. I was about to head off and play my entire song playlist when I realize that I hadn't checked my DA messages. I got signal, so I could get online and soon enough my familiar page shows up, quite a lot of messages, birthday messages, mostly from people I knew, some from people I never even heard of. One catches my eye, a dragon, a birthday cake, and a little message saying "Happy birthday, make a wish." I look at the message over again, not bad... make a wish, haven't made one in a long time, always being dissapointed when I don't see it happen. I chuckle and look up at the park around me, make a wish? If I'm going to make one, why not make it as unrealistic as possible.

So I just think "I wish that dragons were still around." That's when I see the mysterious stranger jerk like he'd been shocked, but that little distraction was nothing to what happened next. I watch the ground under a tree buck... I mean literaly buck as I hear the sound of thunder and deep rumbling, coming from under the tree, I stand up and keep watching, a few others around the park watched, one guy shouted "Earthquake!" and but then realized he made a stupid comment. The ground bucks again, thistime ripping some roots of the massive tree out of the ground, cracks were starting to form in the dirt, I just stand there, this was the most eventfull thing I've seen in years! Some peope started leaving, thinking the thing was going to explode, and for all I knew it would. Sad time to make that assesment, because it just-


I stumble back as the area explodes, fire belching into the sky as smoke cleared to show a crater, the tree had been broken and seared by the blackish fire... then I see it. A skeleton writhed in the middle of the crater, not just any skeleton mind you, this thing was massive, and the mere fact it was MOVING kind of just blew my mind. And so it was I might have really exploded when I saw muscle and sinew begin to grow on the skeleton It started at the head and worked back to the tail in seconds, "It" slammed a newly formed fist into the ground causing me to stumble backwards, now people were really running, but I was still just standing there. I see skin and scales begin to cover the new muscle, They were black, I mean midnight black, they were diamond in shape, and that's all I could take in before another blast happens, this time driving me onto my back, Now I could hear it roaring, and it was definately in pain, I hop back up to see it still writhing as the last missing bits magically appear... I couldn't beleive what I was seeing...

A dragon was sitting in a crater infront of me! Blackish fire ringed the now much bigger crater and sat burning on trees, but the fire on them goes out quickly. I stare at the dragon, four horns curved from the head, two cured outward before turning back, and the other set curve together before running back, ears were definately webbed, and I look back to the tail and see a burning black and purple fire raging on the tip Spikes ran along the spine in a 1-like shape, going all the way up to the base of the neck. The wings were being tested by the dragon, He extends them and I could see a dark red membrane... apparently satisfied he folds them back up along his body and turns his attention to me... and I finaly catch his blood-red eyes. He stalks up to me, he must have been at least three-fold of my height, and now that he was far enough stratched out I could see he must have been at least 30 feet iin length. I couldn't help but think how evil it looked, He levels his head infront of mine and I try to not fall back.

"Agrok kull?" He, as I could tell it was a he by his voice said in a accent I couldn't place, but I could tell it was european... I had no idea on what to say.

"Um... I have no idea what you are saying?" He makes a frustrated noise, and looks around, for the first time noting the buildings around, the cars, even the little fountain that sat in the center of the park. He get's wide eyed along with his jaw dropping.

"Reazal ox no jekal..." He turns back to me "Mostael ed alja no kul!" His paw comes dangerously close to me as he demands some kind of answer from me, but then he realizes I have no idea what he said, his eyes narrow, and he stares right into my eyes, and I about drop to my knees and I feel something leap into my head.

I would have screamed, but I could not even move! I could feel my memories siphoned out, ripped through, I could feel everything, my feelings... my wants, and everything I knew and even my very soul being torn out... and then get it suddenly shoved all right back. I fall to my hands and knees as what ever was in my head leaves. I was breathing heavily and the pain in my head still sat there, making me wish for a bottle of morphine. I wince as I look up at the dragon, his eyes wide, staring at the ground, I barely could think as I forced myself to stand, I couldn't hold it and I fall to one knee and hold a hand to my face...

"Relax, the pain will fade in a few minutes." What the! My eyes snap open as I look up dead at him, he had the same mild southern accent that I had!
"How the...?" He makes a tapping motion to his head, the claw pausing right before it hit each time... so he turned my head into a blender just to learn my language? I about fall over onto the ground... my head was fuzzy, I tried to focus on memories but I couldn't hold any, like ghost images, it was becoming easier to remember them, but the "headache" wasn't helping any. I groan and say "What the hell did you do?" as I try and balance onto the concrete table and bench.

"I thought it would be obvious, i-- i ah, well took out all your memories and made a copy of them, and put the originals back... I admit it was a bit uncalled for, but I was thinking along different lines a few minutes ago." He says it like he's sorry, just what did he see in my memor... oh, whole dragons not here anymore and humans dominating the planet and such... not a good thing to be resurrected in. I haul myself up onto the bench, cupping my hands together as my face fell into it... god this headache was really bad.

"What did you mean by "Along different lines" earlier?" I watch his reaction, his paw, which I note has four taloned fingers, espicially his right? index finger which was scratching a line in the ground like he was nervous.

"I wasn't exactly friendly towards humans... the time I was from, we were fighting a brutal war, and I was particularly hateful of your race."

"Why the change in heart?" I'm honestly suprised that the cops or fire department hadn't shown up by now, maybe someone was calling in about the "creature in the pit" and they were treating it like a hoax.

He thinks for several seconds and then he get's this look on his face that pretty much said that he had figured it out, followed by a "D***it." look on his face,  and I knew he wasn't going to tell me, but he had another answer ready "Your memories, they showed me that we had faded to myths and ledgends, but that we aren't as hated as we were back then, you yourself have a... fandom for dragons, plus you are somewhat more civilized than the humans I had to fight." That's it? I didn't say this but he seemed to get the message.

"You... don't really think i'm telling you everything do you?"

"Nope." He huffs, and I get a facefull of hot air.

"I might of, accidently... absorbed some of your personality along with the memories." There it was... that explains the little soul being pulled out part I felt earlier... I didn't really like that thought, and it showed.

"That doesn't reassure you does it? I shook my head, but at least the headache is beggining to go away... and my natural curiosity was returning.

"Quick question, how did you get brought back?" That was a big question, not a quick one, but it was the best thing I could think of at the moment... this question also seems to stump him, he had no idea. He turns around and looks back at the crater, he pads up closer to it and thinks before waving his right-hand claws in the air, and I see something like electricity spark in the air, but it didn't seem as random as it should have been, all the while the dragon kept looking at the sparks with interest. Finaly he just says...

"It was you."

If I had heard this a few minutes ago my jaw would've fallen off "Um, just how did I bring a long dead dragon back to life?"

"Well, not you mostly, but there was a spell already in place... as odd as that is, you were just needed to kickstart the process."

"Why me... it was the wish wasn't it." He turns his head and nods.

"Somehow you have a small bit of magic control, not enough to make any noticable effects, but it might be perceived as what you call luck." I did have good luck... for the most part anyway, but magic? Then I start going through it again, the uneasy feeling, the stranger... who has dissapeared, leaving his laptop on the table... how?

"That still doesn't explain how... you have my memories and can help me with this a bit more, why did that guy jerk when I made the wish, and how was it even able to start the-"

"I get it. I have no idea about the guy you are talking about, but the spell was made so even the smallest amount of magic directed at it could trigger the "ressurection" and bring me back to life... and no, I don't know why they made the spell and not trigger it." He seemed a little peeved about the last part, I wanted to know also.

"As completely off topic as this question is... what will you do now?" A reflective look crosses his face and he looks around, not once looking at me while I walk over to the crater "I have no idea, my race is long gone and..." His head snaps to me as something sparks on my right arm, almost like static. I look and see nothing there, but the dragon seems to think otherwise.

"Hold still, act like your life depended on it." That got my attention, he waves his claws infront of me and I see a almost transparent cloud come over... and a lot of electrical shocks followed "Ow." I keep getting shocked as the cloud dissapated.

"That clever SOB." he mutters...

"Excuse me?"

"You have no idea what's going on do you?" Oh i knew... apparently he uses that cloud to detect magic, or whatever... but the question was... what was it for?

"I do, but what did you mean by "clever SOB" a few moments ago?"

"You realize you are the subject of a spell right? Well that spell was made by someone that I know, who I know is also dead by now... and..." He raises his paw, giving a good view of the lines of the palm, then he lightly shoves me into the crater... and when I mean lightly, I mean for a dragon HIS size, so I just about flew backwards into the center of the crater.

"Agh, what the hell?" I painfully get back up on my feet.

"Stay still, do not move no matter what." That wasn't him asking... he was ordering, he sits back up on his haunches, making him much taller, but he works with both sets of claws, waving patterns in the air, then I start to see something, a burst of black fire and I see a double set of rings, one smaller than the other, soon enough he starts moving his claw like he was writing something, and I see symbols appear inside the double circle's border. They looked like a cross between egyptain hiroglyphics and some other form of writing, which was wavy and flowed like japanese symbols, but you could tell they were completely different somehow.

He finishes the first symbol and it lights up in gray, he moves onto the second one, and it turns green, unsatisfied, he continues on. The third symbol was different, it was on the dead right, and was solid black, but when he finished it it bursts out with some black tendrils a few inches long, he raises an eye ridge at this and continues. I was starting to get a picture here, each represented an element, the gray must have been air, green could have been earth, and the black one was darkness... still didn't know what the tendril thing was about, and the next one he drew was apparently fire, because it glowed red. I watch him make the sixth symbol, and it glows yellow, but this time it flares with small flashes of electricity and thunderclouds... i knew what that one must be, and I see the dragon have both eye ridges raised, this seemed to suprise him. He makes another one, ice and water based on the light blue color with swirls of darker blue, nothing there.
"What's this for?" I ask, still unsure why he was doing it.

"You'll see soon enough." He says it as he finished the third one... if I was right... yep, it was light in complete contrast to darkness, and suprisingly it lit up, showering the immediate area with rainbow rays... the dragon about drops his jaw when he sees this.

"I can't beleive it..." he mutters and finishes the next symbol, it became a multitude of metallic colors and that must have been what it represented, nothing there and his hopes seem to drop, but then he grins and that seemed to get alarm bells ringing in my head... and it was called for, because he swirls both arms together, muttering something in that old language of his, and the three that light up swirl together into the center of the circle and before I had a chance to process this he palms the orb and it shoots like a rocket towards me, before I even had a chance to dodge it smacks right into me and sends me flying back a few yards.

"Aggh!" I cough and try to get up, only to have severe pain rush through my bones, I fall back into the dirt, feeling myself go numb... what did he do to me? I found out soon enough when I see my skin turn black, and a shiny scale pops up on my forearm... so that's what he did.

He plods over infront of me while the transformation continues, I feel pops in my neck as vertabrae adjusted, causing my head to push forward on the ground, size begins to matter as I start to feel my clothes turning tight... why am I not in pain? More scales pop up on my arms and I could feel it on my neck and spine, the clothes rip as joints in my legs broke, reformed, and became quadroped in shape,  I see my thumbs dissepear as claws shoved their way out of my fingertips, the fingernails popping out before them. More bone in my neck pop and I could feel it grow longer by a few feet. I try to move and find that if I concentrated more than usual I could move, it was a bad idea during this but I try and get up, and I barely make it to the quadroped position before I lose focus, horns pop out of my head as my eyes shited backwards some and my face pushed out into a muzzle. Spitting, my teeth come out as draconic ones fill in the empty space, the numbness holds around my back and I guess what was going to happen next.


It sonded like shearing paper, but I knew wings just tore their way out of my back, I turn my head and see them just out of sight, they werent draconic... they were avian! black as my acales and skin, they hung llimply on my sides. my ears start ringing as they change, I begin to get much larger than before along with tighteness on my chest, and the chain around my neck snaps, dropping the dogtags and small gem onto the dirt, my eyes burn, and I feel a tail push it's way out of my tailbone as the numbness faded and the scales finish covering my body... and I could feel an ache rock through all my bones, like I had just fallen from something high up.

"Uggh..." I sounded hoarse, I cough and see a tiny white flame burst fom my maw, I cough twice more... no flames followed them. I shift and start to get feeling back in my limbs, I note the wings on my back and try and move them off of the ground, it was like moving an arm, they bent and flexed just like a human arm, though I kind of missed the digits though. I see my tail, long and with a second tip at the end... then I notice that the dragon was still staring at me... I look at him and notice that I was bigger than him by maybe five feet in height and another ten in length along with my neck being much shorter than his. I was a dragon... the fact just decided to hit me then, and I felt like laughing, and I do.

"Glad to see that you liked the change." I stop laughing and walk up to him, and shove him and almost send him sprawling.
He growls out "What was that for?"

"Not telling me you were going to do it in the first place." My voice was even deeper than before, but you could still recognize it if you paid attention.

"I might have derserved that then." he makes eye contact.

"Alright then, halfhearted apology accepted then. So now do you mind telling me everything? Before I have to start making guesses." I hear a camera shutter go off, and look to see a guy in his early teens with his phone out, the moment the kid notices me looking at him he takes off running, and now it was probably going to go all over facebook and such.

He casts a parting glance at the teen before turning back to me "All right, there was a transformation spell on you, incomplete, and over a thousand years old... but here's the catch, it's not just you, and it's much, much bigger. The other dragons must have tried to use human numbers against them by turning enough humans into dragons to balance the war, looks like they didn't follow my advice."
Okay, that's something... but "What's this about your advice?"

"Oh that, I had... suggested that we create a plauge to wipe out all the humans, that didn't sit well with the elders... and the reason that i'm here in America, rather than europe." He was a poor liar.

"Because you said that using a plauge to beat an enemy? That's a little light for banishment isn't it?"

"Maybe we can tell that story another day?" Then it must have been alot worse than I thought.

"Then I won't push the subject, but now that leaves the question to both of us, what do we do now? I'm a dragon, was going to a paintball match, and more than likely will be shot on sight by the cops... speaking of which..." I could hear the sirens now through the sounds of the city, they were a few blocks away, my now pointed ears were really usefull.

"I'd hate to go back into old habits, we should go somewhere more peacefull." I glance at the crater, peacefull? I seem to disrupt that status alot lately.
"I take it we're just going to fly out of here?"

He holds open a palm and a ball of black fire hovered just above it :There are other ways to travel..." He curls his finger and the ball dissapears "But i don't want to use those just yet, until I can see the mess this world is in, besides, I haven't stretched my wings in many a century, and you need to break those wings in." He points at my wings, held at my sides. I had an unspoken question, but he guessed it.

"And yes you know how to fly, I have your memories remember? You always wanted to be a dragon, well those TF stories just about prepared you." The sirens were getting really close now, I see him hop forward before launching into the air, I watched his wing movements, I was sure that those movements weren't the ones I should be doing, with different wings and all. I ldo a quick check and remember everything... I knew what I had to do. I catch a glint in the corner in my eye, and a patch of black replaces my forward vision as I look over at the crater and see the gem in the ground... I wasn't leaving that behind. I run over, stumbling the first few steps, I grab the blue prism-cut opal in my left paw and keep a careful hold on it as I leap into the air and try to fly I snap out my wings, long enough to span the crater and then some and flap, it wasn't cordinated enough and I lose some height, fall to the ground and try again, this time I keep my arms fixed on the motion I was to go through and feel releived as I started to see the ground pull away, I catch a glimpse of a cop getting out of his car, phone out and trying to get a picture, I deny the camera as I get out of his sight... probably got a picture of the tail though.

"I expected better from you." I almost forget to flap when he appears beside me, flying right above me, head cocked to the side to look down on me.

"What? I was human."

"Was... and that's an excuse, I have seen... might want to bank right about now."

I look up and see a building quickly rushing at me like a giant flyswatter, I roll right and curve away, missing the building by a good yard or so. The dragon reapears on the other side and glides to my side, carefull not to hit my wings with his.

"Okay, I stand corrected, you are somewhat better than hatchlings at flying."

I decide not to respond to that but instead ask "I never found out your name."
"It's Zephyr." the name strikes something in my mind but I lost it before I could get a hold on it.

"Well Zephyr, where do we go?" He thinks on it for a second." Just follow me, Oklohoma has a lot of places." And he zooms ahead, taking the lead... this day was just beyond real, I turn my palm and take a look at the blue opal in my paw... the only thing that seemed real, but I knew everything today had actually happened, I wasn't going to wake up and think this a dream... I smile, two wishes had came true today... but onto the present. I get some more airspeed and start catching up with Zephyr, this was going to be an interesting time.
Okay, part one of side project. I've struggled on and off with writer's block on these.

Alright does anyone want to measure how good this part is on a scale of one to ten, ten being best?

Hope i did well.
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FeralWings Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Ooh that's an awesome read mate. A few typo's here and there so I suggest a spell-check before uploading it, but other than that, it was quite enjoyable. As for how well written it was, I'd go for a 7.5 outta ten. Pretty awesome, but a bit unrealistic reactions at times and some other interactions that just come off as slightly odd. But that's just my opinion :)
I love your stories though mate, Dragonized series has to be one of my favourite reads on DA so far :)
jon745 Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2012  Student Digital Artist
how the dragon going :D
jon745 Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012  Student Digital Artist
SWEET thats a dragon anthro for ya :DDDDDDD thanks man
jon745 Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012  Student Digital Artist
sweet want me to give details?
Darkdrake0 Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Okay, you are have light blue scales, with a set of darker indigo coloered scutes, anthro, with a set of three horns and a blonde mane, you stand maybe 'round 7 foot 8 and are good with light magic, along with having deep green eyes, add onto that wings with a nice white memebrane. You have two tails, both with a a small spike as the tip. You hands have five fingers and white claws, your feet only have four talons which are the same color as the claws.
jon745 Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012  Student Digital Artist
is this both a story and a picture that would make it epic
jon745 Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012  Student Digital Artist
can u turn me into a dragon??
jon745 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012  Student Digital Artist
jon745 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Darkdrake0 Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Woot! Epic ten! The last part shall contain the major TF'ing abilities of dragons! (Along with the other parts of course)
jon745 Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012  Student Digital Artist
can u turn me into one
Darkdrake0 Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah! Should be a feeling it right now.
Rekalnus Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Fine starting point, airborne and everything.
Robinton Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I would say nine of ten. A few spelling errors are in it but else it' fine. :)
Drakeagle Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
very nice! enjoy your day!
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