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“Hey guys, looks like we have a plan.” Blake says right after my little greeting.

“What?” I was caught suddenly off guard, what plan? Me and pretty much everyone else gave him a blank stare.

He notes this and says with a slight frown “What? Isn't it obvious?”

I shake my head at him “Not everyone of us is thinking on your terms of tech Blake.”

He returns with "I know that, but think about it. The nanny bots, the infected. It all makes sense." I just give him another blank look.

He mutters "Depths of the void." And points to Alex. "Now I'm not impressed. The point is, the nanny bots said were disinfected." Wait

And then it clicks for me "Disinfected? But how did that even get accomplished?"

Blake goes on to explain "The light. From what Roxanne sent me, the virus can be removed from the host cell, but you need to be very precise. One advantage of a quantum wave teleport is it's precision."

Alex crosses his arms "Thank you for revealing what that was, so the virus just got teleported out of our bodies?"

"That seems to fit. And now we have our cure."

I think about that for a moment. "So we are going to use the teleport to literally perform cell surgery? and even if we can do that, we would need to...” I get the sudden realization that he would have to take out all the virus in less than an hour to keep it from re-spreading  “you're going to do it on a massive scale aren't you?"

He nods his head "Very massive. Which means we are going to need more power and more processing power."

Alex starts with "Well processing power won't be hard to find...” He looks over slightly at me “And I believe we already solved the power problem." I feel the everyone's gaze swivel onto me "You're talking about me aren't you?" I say a little surprised. If Zael had a chance to comment he would have.

Blake chuckles a bit "Either you or someone found a way to power computers with expedient stares. Think your up to it?"

I think for a second "Yeah, though how much energy do you need exactly?"Okay, so I didn't think  I was up to it at all, but it's better to let them not have the benefit of doubt.

Blake answers my question "Enough to power the teleport. As for processing power, I've got that covered." He still didn't answer it the way I wanted to. He continues on with "That's problem one solved. We still have a bomb and a portal to take care of..."

Jamie gives out a good piece of info. "And the selude are waiting for us down there on the ground."
I sigh, those things left chills down into my tail just thinking about them "And those things... any ideas on how to get rid of them?"
"Best way is to get rid of them is to stabilize the portal and get rid of the magnetic radiation from this ship. They'll disburse into the echo and any lives they've taken will just snap back into existence." Wow, good response, I didn't expect the dead snapping back into existence though.

And he goes on listing problems “My biggest problem is the bomb.” Understandable, “The damn thing is designed to go off no matter what we do. Unless we quench it with a less disastrous explosion.” He looks over to Alex "Alex. See if you can earn some of your reputation back with this. Where do we find a smaller explosion?"

He doesn't even need time to think about it "Depends on the size of the bomb, but if it's meant to be a planet killer, even this ship exploding would be a 'smaller' explosion."

"Good. Next question. How do we blow up a ship powered by nuclear fusion?"

Mid'ana answers that -There is a self destruct program located in the generator room. It requires the control cube to activate it but does not require a caption. You should also know that the cube and he activator must physically be in the room. And there is not much time to reach the cargo bay once activated. I do not think you will make it.- Perfect example of optimistic words there.

I cross my arms "Well... that just made it sound like suicide, so any alternatives to getting out of here besides the cargo bay?"

Blake seems to know that answer automatically "There's a vent in the generator chamber that leads out into space with a ion membrane. It keeps air in, but every other state of matter is let out."

Tomas goes on this time "Yay, getting spaced sounds like fun, but it's the closest exit, even if on the other side is space, and yeah I don't think a dragon or human can survive space without a suit."

He looks at at something on his wrist. "There's other ways. Now, getting the world ending bomb on the ship without setting it off."

Alex is the one to get the first idea out "Well I don't think a teleport would work... but what about the traction beam we came up on?"

He nods his head "Very good. I was just thinking that. Problem is, we've got a building, and a floor in the way."

My dad snorts and says "Well considering that the bomb is a world killer, a little demolition won't hurt anybody."

"We only need the floor and celling out of the way." Blake pulls a hoop-like device out of his bag. "Tangibility loop." He hands it off to Kate. "Koraian will know what to do with it."
Looks like all the details are being taken care off. But just to make sure... "Okay, is there any other details we need to iron out?"

"Just the portal and the survivors of Price's personal holocaust." He takes out Thor's hammer and hands it off to Jamie. "That will take care of the portal while were moving away. Split it into two. Have someone hold the either the head or the shaft and stand on either end of the portal."

I look to Mid'ana "Right, now onto The survivors of Price... how many are left?" -Twenty four are still in cryo sleep.-

"Then we need to get twenty four cypaurs out of cryo and off this ship." Blake looks to each as he goes off their names "Jamie, Kate, Ryan, why don't you three get ready to go down. Ryan, think you can get out of the gravity corridor before you hit the ground. It'll take some timing."

Ryan looks at him with a bit of confusion "Why? isn't the landing going to be just like when we came up?"

Blake gives him a “are you serious?” look and says "Because of the Selude. I'd rather not risk you three landing in the middle of the hungry. Mid'ana should be able to cut the corridor a few dozen yards up and give you some leeway."

Ryan tells Blake "Well it doesn't bother me any, if she cuts the corridor that high up I can just fly over the selude."

"My point exactly. Alex, how long will it take to rig up the thrusters to send the selude away from the store?"

Alex ups quickly in thought "Give me five minutes."

"Ten. I'm still not convinced you've got your reputation back. Right. Teleport controls?"

Ty the explorer apparently had already found that place  "Over there, or you can just use the control cube I guess."

"I need the actual controls." Ty shrugs and heads off in that direction, and Blake follows, before he gets out of earshot he says "Mid'ana. You better get your people out of cryo."

She nods -Good idea- She heads off. And I follow Blake and Ty to the teleport room.

“Right. Lets get to work.” Blake gets under a control panel and starts working on the wiring under there.

Ty though want's to know exactly what he's doing "What are you doing down there?"

He looks out from under the panel "Need to get some major processing power available. Can you reach into my bag and get a burner phone Ty?" and his head goes back under.

Ty looks at his claws "Not that much precision but..." I unzip his bag and grab the device for him. "Here." He takes the phone "Thanks. You can ask by the way."

Read my mind "Lot's of things I could ask about Blake, but for starters, where am I supposed to discharge all the electricity to power the teleport into?"

He points to a nearby panel "Ty. Slash open that control panel. I've cut the power to it."
 Ty gives a quick swipe, leaving a gleaming slash I stretch, popping several vertebrae in my back and tail and say "Tell me when I can put the electricity in Blake, as for you Ty, stand back, I don't want to accidentally fry you." I could feel the numb feeling just beneath the skin, like my arm was barely there, but the feeling of raw electricity made me feel alive.

He leans out from under the panel again "Don't rush me. And I'll need to contact Terra to provide the processing power.

"But I could see your puzzlement with the words 'I'm not leaving either Jamie or Koraian.'" Okay, odd time to bring that up, but I guess he's trying to pass time.

"Yeah, why did you ask that? It's not like they're going to be stuck here or captured." I state as I let the numb feeling die down some.

"I left Koraian behind along with three of my friends before and I knew they were in danger. They get kidnapped by a madman bent on killing off Lycans." He's silent for a second, then goes on "So, my sister's apartment get's bombed, Joey get's his eye cut out and I have to take down the Russian mafia with an army, just to get them home." Huh, that's quite bit to go through. Ty cuts in "But nothing like that's going to happen here unless they get near a human city... and if I may, that's quite a story, you went through hell to get them back from what it sounds like." I break from my stare and say "Also explains why he said those words."

"When you find yourself walking though hell, the only thing you can do is keep walking." I finish that with "Until you fall."
Blake corrects with  "Until you reach the journey’s end." Computer beeps. "That's Terra calling."

"And I guess they're going to want you to explain why you need the processing power?"

"Not really. Roxanne can spare the processing power." He pulls up a video link. "Hey sis. Sorry, In a rush. I need the last program run to use extension seventeen delta, and nineteen gamma."
Roxanne says through the vid link "Both super computers?" Blake shakes his head as he says "No, the entire building."
Ty get's this look of curiosity on his face " Spare an entire building for processing power? I would criticize, but then I have no idea on what is actually needed to make this work."

"As much as I can get at the moment. Besides, the Indigo building has two hundred dedicated servers. Each one the equivalent of forty thousand super computers by your standards. We need every one of them." And that is the power of technology, there would be enough processing power in that one building to run all of this worlds tech at once and still not be slowed down any.

As I look into the gash on the panel I say "Well for something this size I take it you're right about that. Though I’m wondering what after-affects there might be."

He doesn't even look my way. "Quantum computing. They'll be fine."
I look towards him, my pessimist mode starting to kick in "Yeah... I don't share your optimism. Maybe not in the process, but afterward, I don't know who the infected humans will react to being cured."

Roxanne answers for him "I doubt being cured will change anything now that their brain chemistry is altered. Doctor Weli'sol is trying some compounds now on the infected we have."

Blake smiles a bit "Still the optimist sis. Ready?"

"Green light. Ready when you are." Then he looks to me “Shane. Everything you have into those exposed cables. First up. Texas."

Zael couldn't help but comment then -And here we go.- I take a deep breath, Feeling the numbness return, much stronger than before as I start focusing on a time I spent in hell, Images start to flash through my head of fire, death, the screams of the insane and dying echoing through my head. Electricity started to discharge in a deathly hum around my arm, almost striking everyone around me, quickly I reach into the panel and all the electricity abruptly starts sinking into the cables.

Roxanne calls out from the vid screen "Twenty thousand organisms cured in the first microsecond. That's fast." She was muted, as were everyone else, like I was listening through a wall, plus my ears had started ringing lightly... my thoughts kept to the day spent in what must have been hell.

"The entire city is now virus free." Blake hits a button and his voice went through the  PA system "Jamie, Ryan, Kate. Dallas is clean."

"We're now past state-lines. Shane, how'ya holding up?"

Zael has to speak for me -Ever felt like you've gotten kicked in the chest by a mule, then had painful acupuncture? That's about what he's feeling, oddly enough I am too, but we're still good if that's what you're asking.- painful pins and needles were rioting over my body making me want to just stop and scratch, but I was almost immobilized... still having the thoughts of the psychos ravaging the city, the burning of buildings and watching my old team one by one end up torn to shreds by the bloodthirsty monsters... James... Mica... Dominick, all gone in less than an day.

Roxanne "He can wind it down a little. The processes are straining from keeping up. Just need a happy balance." I almost miss it. My mind replaying quadruped being swarmed... I let out an involuntary shudder.

-He's still working on that balance thing.- He was right, it was like trying to hammer a moving nail. I focus a little harder and the stream of electricity fluctuates for a second before stabilizing with a little lower charge than before.

Roxanne must have been monitoring all the output because she says "And hold it there. Balance achieved, and twenty five percent of the US land mass is virus free" The walls of the city were crumbling as a psycho drives a tank through the streets, shouting like a drill sergeant. I see a skyscraper get light the night sky, set ablaze.

Blake looks at some readouts on the panel he was at. "Ship's pitching in too. Looks like she knows it's her last voyage."

I barely hear Ty move over and look at what Blake must have been looking at on his panel. "That's duty for you, though how are we doing on that electrical strain Shane?" Zael answers, or tries to with -don't disturb him, it’s taking a lot of his concentration to keep the flow steady.- Shame Ty couldn't hear Zael.

"Ty. I need to replace a resister. Think you can keep the power feeds stable over here?" My memories flash back to running through the streets, just trying to stay ahead of the hoard of psychos, hiding in a condemned building... waiting for help with every second in agony, having broken wings and fighting off the psychos that found a way in.

I could sense Ty giving a frown right as he says "Do I look like an electrician? But yes I think I can." Screwing my eyes shut I keep on pushing electricity out into the cables, the memories still flowing...

"Good, Claws here. Should be straight forward. And if Roxanne tires to steer the conversation towards your childhood. Bear in mind the fact she owns a horsewhip and not a single horse." Did I honestly just hear that? I could almost visualize Ty's head swiveling straight towards the vid screen with a “WTH?” look on his face.

I guess I did hear right because Roxanne gets aggravated and says "Blake!"
His response was"Sis..." as he climbs back under the controls again "Zael. How he doing?"

-Okay, but... it's kind of hard for him to keep this electricity up without excess discharge. Other than that we still have that feeling of pain that I described earlier.- The memories were starting to get worse...

Roxanne counts off the next mark on the planet cleansing scale "Well, we've finished one landmass. Rest of the planet to go. I'd say ten minutes." I don't think I had ten minutes in me, emotionally or physically.

Something sparks from under the panel. "Ow! Fixed. Pain easing?"

Once again Zael ticks off my status -Tiny bit, I think he's getting used to the strain.- Thew pins and needles feeling was starting to fade, and I didn't want to roll in a bed of knives anymore to get rid of the 'want to scratch' part.

Blake seems to think that it wasn't all that needed to be done because he states "Then there's a fault in the cable..." as he starts working again.

Roxanne continues the planet checklist. "Western Europe's clean."

Blake gets out from the panel as I open my eyes "Think I've fixed it. Zael?"

He takes a second before answering. -Okay, pain is actually fading fast... Shane's starting to need less concentration.- In fact, I was starting to feel a lot stronger, like I just OD'd on sugar, minus twitching. The electricity was coming naturally now, My concentration broke, banishing the dark memories back into my mind... and I found out that I didn't need them anymore, the flow was steady and constant.

"Thought so." He gets up and dusts himself off before walking over to Ty "Looks like we've cured half the planet already." My hearing was back in full scanning, and had stopped ringing by now.

I could respond now "And still have the rest of the planet to go, but this is actually going great, no real problems so far."

Roxanne gets this frown on her face as she studies something "This isn't right. Counter just past ten billion. Evelyn!"

Meanwhile Blake sees out the last of the curing process "Speeding up. Complete eradication in three... two... one... and cut."

I stop the electrical discharge and look over as Ty looks on confusedly "Did I just hear ten billion on that counter?" When you think about it, that was way too many, the total count on earth was at least eight billion, considering the mass losses on when the infection started it's rampage.
Roxanne "You heard right. Counter just stopped at twelve billion, ninety two million three hundred and forty six thousand, two hundred and one."  Yep, way too many, so I say "Okay, even I'll admit that's odd."

Blake shrugs "Not odd, just really wrong. If there were twelve billion people on that planet, then I'm sure we'd be seeing a starving population." We would probably see a starving population at ten billion too.

Roxanne is able to say it before I could figure it out. "The virus could have made it pass dimensional borders and those cracks remain open."

I put my thinking pose on, curling one claw curling aorund my chin "That might explain it, though if there is more 'cracks' we might need to find them and see what can be done about them."

"First thing's first. Don't we have a world ending bomb to dispose of..." I get a message on my phone. "And they're ready to let us beam it up. Ty, Shane, get Alex and yourselves off this ship."

I nod my head. "Alright, but first where's Mid'ana and the rest of her crew? Or are they waiting for us at the cargo bay?"

"They're out of cryo and off the ship. Besides us and the wild life, this ship is lifeless. Ready to go out into orbit and get blown up." I doubt the wildlife was, but life's a ass sometimes.

"Then I take it that means there's nothing keeping us here. I hope that escape plan of yours works Blake." I head off, Ty looks back at Blake slightly concerned before running off after me.

“Do you really think that whatever plan he has to escape is going to work?” Ty asks as we get close to the cargo bay. I shake me head “No idea, but it still seems like suicide to me, but still, he probably has a plan that will work, he seems like the type to have one.”

Ty nods as we get to the cargo bay, we see the area that we landed at had the bomb sitting there, a world-killer, not twenty feet away. Alex had already went down, since he was nowhere to be seen, I see a marker on a screen over on the wall [gravity traction beam controls] must have been left by Alex... hmm.

“Hey Ty, could you carefully move that bomb over ten feet to the left near that crate? It's sitting on the place we need to be if we want of this ship.” He nods his head and he twists his shoulders in a way to have them pop. Then he sits on his hind legs and grabs the bomb on each side, then twists, moving it off to the side... the one thing I liked about the quadruped’s skeletal structure was that they were able to stand upright for a short time, maybe two to three minutes before it gets painful.

“Bomb's moved.” He sits where the bomb used to “Beam me down Scotty.” I nod, putting on a Scottish accent “Aye Aye Captain.”  I look to the panel, the controls were simple, and I set it to pick Ty up only... then hit the transit button, he goes to earth and I look back to the area that Blake was. I send off a text to him saying the bomb was onboard. I see the view of earth start to shrink and knew we were in motion.

I walk to where Blake was supposedly activating the self destruct program, Zael telling me it was a stupid idea. Blake's back was turned to me when I enter the generator room, but he seems to know I'm automatic there because he stiffens and turns to me, his eyes widening. "You look surprised." I say when he sees me.”

Earth, Texas... Just as Ty is landing.

“That was some fun, shame I don't get to do that more often.” I say give a good shake to my tail-mace, shaking the dust and bits of concrete off. There was a nice bit of destruction over the portal, leaving a gap big enough for a semi, Kate said I overdid it, but you can't overdo destruction.

“Here comes Ty.” Alex says. He was standing by the Korarian, who both looked as Ty landed right down in the hole I had made... and subsequently the combined parallel universe boundary or whatever it was. A lot of the rubble had fallen in and blocked the sewer canal, so there was no waste falling into the office building... when the areas blended together I thought for sure it would be a mess, sewage in a office building and such.

“Really creepy blending of worlds here, though I thought it might be worse.” Ty hops up out of the hole, looking around “Looks like the cavalry is here.” I nod to him “Yeah, apparently Blake's sister has been coordinating with the military here,  they rolled in about a minute before the hole was made.” Several drakes were down in near the entrance to the office building's floor, apparently they weren't going to let anyone through, from our side or the other one. Some barricades had been set up, cutting off the streets, and more, but that wasn't the oddest thing... huh? I look as I hear someone come from the far side of the merged portal, A woman, werewolf and another human. The woman reminded me of Blake, except for the auburn hair... must have been his sister, and she seemed to be in control of the situation.

“Joey, head to the city's auto-cannons and see what can be done with them, Glen, take the portable ion field generator and get it set up.” The human heads off toward the city walls after saying ok, and the werewolf had something strapped onto his back, and started toward the deep part of the city.

“What's going on Roxanne?” Korarian asks and she says “Something is happening on the west coast, add to that it's spreading outward and also this way, and on top of that we have spacial anomalies popping up everywhere.” Spacial anomalies? I know I didn't want more portals opening up, but what was going on over at L.A? I was starting to think on that when she says “Now, where's my brother?”

Alex takes a swig from a bottle of water “Still up... there?” We follow his gaze and see that the ship had started pulling away from orbit, in a few seconds it had shrunk to little more than a rock...

My eyes widen as I realized what that meant “Shane isn't here... that little-” Before I could say the rest of it the ship explodes. I stand there shocked. Why didn't he get back? Both of them should have made it back. I look around, seeing the shock on Ty's face too, and some with everyone else.

She says “Are you sure was still up there? While still looking at the explosion, extreme concern showing on her face.

I look at her, shock turning into seriousness, and grief. “I am, I don't think they could have gotten off the ship.”

“Then you don't know him.”She looks at the tablet that she brought with her “And if he didn't get off the ship, why are Blake's nanobot's still functioning?” Huh? Alex relaxes along with Korarian, Alex explains that “If he was dead, then the nanites wouldn't work, they made it off the ship in time.”

I feel a slimmer of hope “But where are they?” I ask as Roxanne taps on her tablet “Looks like L.A.” A frown starts to on her face. “That's not good.”

Meanwhile, in earth's orbit...

Why did I stay behind? This thought goes into my head as I stand behind Blake and a solar surfboard, about to fall out into space.  He really hadn't liked the fact that I had stayed behind, but at least his escape plan had been adaptable... but I was looking toward earth, about to fall through space and sky... I was already getting tense and nervous.

“Hang on tight, but watch those claws Shane.” Blake instructs as I put both hands on his shoulders, really starting to get nervous.

“If we die I'm blaming you for it.” I say to him as he starts his personal ion barrier, sealing in oxygen and heat so we don't get killed by the vacuum of space.

Blake chuckles “Should have went don when you had the chance then. Only one thing to do now, Onward!” And he tips the board into space... and in under a second we were speeding towards earth.

-YEEAAH!- Zael yells as we hurtle down to earth, Me holding onto Blake's shoulders, eye's closed with the old fear of falling ripping my bravery to pieces. The ship explodes behind us and the shock wave send us flying at break neck speeds.

I could feel nausea creeping up "I feel like dying right now... you wouldn't happen to be able to SLOW DOWN?" Zael mutters -Wuss.-
Blake looks back "I agree with Zael. Also. There's only one way to slow down. In other words. BONZI!!" And with his little shout we begin to generate heat from atmospheric entry around the ion field that was keeping us out of vacuum. Zael comes in with -Shane, pull out your phone and get a video of this, it's awesome!- "Shut up Zael." I mutter.

"He's right. Come on Shane. At least open your eyes. The ocean's right below us."

I couldn't stand it anymore and so... "Aww f*** it." I open my eyes "You were right about the ocean, but you could have mentioned we're heading straight toward it like a meteor!"

"That was supposed to be a given." And we start jumping across the surface like a pebble skidding across a lake. "Ok. Now we'll slow down. Look, there’s L.A. straight ahead."It wasn't as bad as we down near ocean level, but I still felt like bailing.  I stay silent for a few seconds while looking at the rapidly approaching beach before saying calmly "We're going to crash hard into the beach aren't we?"

"Well, land hard. It's not going to be an actual crash. Would it help if I said I've done this before?" I shake my head "No. not really.  He keeps looking forward"Well. I have. But either way, brace yourself. Because we're running out of water...”  We skid across the beach and come to a sudden dead-stop in the middle of it, knocking us to the ground, Zael and Blake laughing hard.

"Hahaha. I actuality got to do it this weekend." Zael initiates the conversation -You do this often?-  "Since I was six. Roxanne was trying to cheer me up since my dad died. She took me on her next surf. I didn't fare much better then Shane that time." Figures, first time is the worst. He continues on with "But these days, I only ever make a weekend of it once a month."

"Looks like you two have a common interest... Next he'll be asking to live inside your head Blake. Least I can say that I might try that again, under different circumstances."

He gets up and brushes some of the sand off "Yeah. Same here. I didn't expect the explosion to push against the sail so much. And you can keep him. I meant it when I said I have enough voices in my head."

"Damn, well I don't want to keep him either...” I get an odd feeling.  “Shouldn't there be people from L.A. investigating here by now?" L.A was a human city, and they were about as paranoid as could be, we should have had a jet make a flyby by now at least.

He turns and the worried look gets plastered on his face. "Something bad happened here. And something worse is about to happen." He says as a massive dragon roar echoes through the air.
Alright now the planet's been saved, but what happens next?

A collab between me :icondarkdrake0: and :iconshadowfaller:

This is the end of act one, the next series of weekly postings will begin on further notice.
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